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  Dressed in a well ironed shirt and fitted skirt, I made my way into the well-constructed, multi million naira company. I had sent my application to that company for four years without any response…

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GENRE: Romantic Thriller CHAPTER 1   The phone kept ringing at the other end for the 30th time. She knew she had blown off his phone’s battery with every turn of a dial but what…

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VERISM- Misso Francis

  Gently faintly; gently faintly I fall Death, in dribs and drabs draws nigh as he gently faintly call Five eyes—FIVE! Invisible to me watch But not over me… as gently faintly I crouch Great…

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Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 3

In case you missed part 2 read it here. Part 3 By now all my alarms were going off and I didn’t know what to anticipate so I got up and examined every nook and corner…

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Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 2

Incase you miss part one read it here.  Part 2 starts here Two days later I was relaxing inside when there was a knock on my door and I heard my landlady’s voice asking if I…

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Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady

All names in this real life story are fake to conceal the identity of individuals it happened to. No time to waste, let us go straight to the story. Part 1 When I first moved…

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The Veil: Ruth Heartfelt True Life Story – Episode 12

The 6’o clock alarmed buzzed with It’s usual disrespect and insolence. I hated that alarm. It seems to go off during the sweetest part of my sleep. Unlike most people though, I loved Monday mornings….

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The Veil: Ruth Heartfelt Story – Episode 6

I must have been in the room for close to two hours, lost in my own thoughts. I wasn’t crying anymore. A blank stare registered on my face. My door flew open suddenly, the sound…

Fiction: The Wedding

The hall was gloriously decorated with colourful, sweet-smelling flowers and alight with spotlighting and grandiose chandeliers. Gold and purple drapes and ribbons were beautifully spread around the grand space, and lined the ivory chiavari chairs according…