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6 Ways To Protect Elders From Scams

Elders are very much vulnerable to financial and internet fraud because of their advanced age. As a result, some rogues take advantage of this to defraud them. They may not even be aware of this….


7 Ways Social Media Has Changed Customer Service

  The power of social media cannot be underestimated by any serious brand or organisation especially when it has to do with customer satisfaction and engagement. It has completely changed interaction with customers. So, how…

First Cyber SAFE Certified Ships Delivered

As HMM Buys Hanjin’s Stake in Kaohsiung Terminal The first ships to be classed with Lloyd’s Register’s cyber notations have been delivered to Global United Gas Carriers in Korea. Built by Hanjin Heavy Industries, in…

Facebook begins crack down on spam websites

On Wednesday, Facebook announced plans to start cracking down on links to “low-quality” web pages as part of the company’s plan to show people “fewer misleading posts, and more informative posts.” Facebook is starting with the…

Image result for fixes for smartphone camera problems


There are common camera problems smartphone users occasionally run into when trying to take pictures and record videos. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 5 of these problems with ways to fix them. Blurry…