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10 Nigerian pop stars who are one-hit wonders


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No king rules forever,’ so says the popular adage, this
also implies in music.
In the Nigerian music industry, some artistes have been
on point with their tracks like they were born to reign,
while some others only reigned for a brief period,
unable to produce another hit track. We categorize
them as ‘One
Hit Wonders’ – not that they have only one song in
their career, but because they have failed to come out
with another hit that will go viral.
1. Soul E Soul – E Baba Dey Here (2006)
2. Bigiano  – Shayo (2008)
3. YQ – Efimile (2008)
4. GT da Guitarman – Dreamer (2009)
5. Ay.com – Pass me your love (2009)
6. Kel – Wa wa Alright (2009)
7. Samklef  – Molowo (2010)
8. Jodie – Oh Baby (2010)
9. W4 – Kontrol (2010)
10. Lynxxx – Fine Lady (2012)

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