13 Year Old Girl Impregnated By 10 Year Old Boy Rushed To Hospital Due To Birth Complications


A pregnant Russian young girl, who claimed a 10-year-old boy is the father of her unborn child, has been rushed to hospital due to birth complications.

Darya Sudnishinkova was aged 13 when she appeared on TV to make claim that 10-year-old boy, Ivan, is responsible for her pregnancy.

She also revealed that she was raped by a boy, who is 16 years old, and had felt too ashamed to spill it out.

But Ivan, who is now 11, promised to work together with her in raising the child.

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Presently, there are now fears that the baby may be born premature, which leaves her feeling more afraid than ever.

New video footage from the hospital she was taken, shows her all strapped up for a cardiotocography to check the foetal heartbeat.

Darya, now 14, who has become a social media star in her homeland with a quarter of a million following her through her pregnancy, disclosed to her followers saying:

“Honestly, I am afraid to give birth. What pain there will be … And painful contractions.”

Darya hinted that she’s likely to have a Caesarean.

She also posted saying:

“I was told that I will not hang on until August, but I will try my best for the baby to be full-term.

Now I am more afraid than ever. I’m scared to even get out of bed, you never know what can happen and I may give birth.

I was forbidden to go out. It’s impossible even to go to the canteen, since it is a long way from the ward, and they bring food to me.”

The weight gain was just terrible, and It has become very difficult to walk.” Darya said.

And of the supposed assault, she said her child would be given a DNA test after birth and police will decide on action against her alleged attacker.

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