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#2015: APC Governors set to reject Tambuwal, back Buhari


According to reports, Governors on the platform
of the All Progressives Congress, APC, are said to
be looking at rejecting Speaker of the House of
Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, and throw
their support behind Gen. Muhammadu Buhari
(rtd) as their preferred presidential candidate of
the party for the 2015 election.
Two of the party’s governors over the weekend
said they would support Buhari to clinch the
party’s ticket, adding that those pushing for the
emergence of Tambuwal “are enemies of the
One of the governor’s also gave the assurance
that he and his other colleagues will not support
“We are not worried with his picking presidential
form. He’s not going far.
“We expected him to focus on him becoming the
governor of Sokoto State. He’s a good product
anyway, but he’s not ripe for Presidency now.
He can’t defeat President Goodluck Jonathan,”
he said.


The other Governor said the Tambuwal ticket
could be an initiative being pushed by Pro-
Jonathan sympathisers in the party who could
be looking for a ‘weak’ candidate the President
can easily defeat.
“We know what’s going on. We are not being
deceived. Those saying Tambuwal is young and
vibrant are saying the truth, but his time hasn’t
come. He doesn’t have the capacity to command
the followership in the north and the entire
“This is not the time to allow anyone to sell any
dummy to the party. It is a national party and
not a regional party anymore.
“If there is anyone who think he can betray us
at this stage, the person must think twice. We
like Tambuwal, but he can’t be our candidate
for now,” the Governor said.


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