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2015 University of Oulu Finland Tuition-Free Scholarships for International Students



You can start applying for the 2015 Tuition-free
scholarships at University of Oulu in Finland. This tuition-
free scholarships for international students, as the name
implies waives tuition fee for students that are not from
Finland. Students from African countries like Nigeria,
Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone; Asian Countries like India,
Pakistan, Bangladesh have applied with great success.
About the University of Oulu, Finland Free Tuition
Scholarships 2015
In 2013 University of Oulu, Finland offered up to 330
scholarships to international Students. However, the
university will not charge tuition fees from international
degree students starting their studies in the Autumn
Semester 2015. In addition, some individual Master’s
programmes have their own scholarship schemes.
Course(s) Offered: Several fields
Course Level: Graduate (masters)
This is a full tuition free scholarship. All tuition is waived.
Eligibility for the Tuition-free scholarship (Finland)
Each Master’s programme has its own specific admissions
requirements. Before you start filling out the application
form, make sure that you meet the requirements of the
programme admissions. Citizens of ALL countries may
The following includes the basic information on admissions
requirements for Master’s courses.
1.A successful applicant has obtained their first academic
degree, normally a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, from an
institution of higher education.
2.Students who are on their last term/semester of
Bachelor’s studies can apply to study for a Master’s degree.
Applicants with excellent academic records can be offered a
conditional study placement.
3.All applicants are required to prove a high level of
proficiency in English language. All programmes ask the
applicant to submit documented evidence of their level of
English. The approved documentation of English language
proficiency include TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and the likes. Click
here to learn more.
4.Applicants are asked to submit documentation on their
academic excellence, for example in the form of academic
recommendation letters. Also other documents relating to
the field of study are required.
Fields of study available
The University of Oulu, Finland provide tuition free
scholarships to academically talented international students
in architecture, business, economics, education, engineering,
and sciences.
Available masters courses include:
*.Architectural Design
*.Astronomy and Space Physics
*.Biomedical Engineering
*.Computer Vision and Signal Processing
*.Environmental Engineering
*.Ecology and Population Genetics
*.Economic Geology
*.Education and Globalisation
*.Financial and Management Accounting
*.International Business
*.Learning, Education and Technology
*.Magnetic Resonance in Materials
*.Protein Science and Biotechnology
*.Software, Systems and Services Development in Global
*.Synchrotron Radiation Based Science and Accelerator
*.Wireless Communications Engineering

All international degree students starting their studies in the
Autumn Semester 2015 will not be charged tuition fee
Sponsorship duration
All sponsorships will last one or two years.
The scholarship is aimed at students studying for a Master’s
degree in the University of Oulu two-year international
Master’s programmes.
How to apply for the free tuition scholarship
University of Oulu partners with the University Admissions
Finland for their services for the application system and the
pre-processing of application documents. Please, also visit
the official website and the “how to apply page” for full
details on this full tuition free scholarship.

Scholarships/Admission Application Closing Date(s)
The next available application period for the 2015 tuition-free
scholarships/admission of the University of Oulu, Finland
is15 December 2014 – 30 January 2015and is for studies
starting in September 2015. Please note that there is only
one application period per year.

PLEASE NOTE: The next available application period is for
academic year 2015 – 16. Please note that there is only one
application period per year. All printed applications and the
required documents have to arrive by the deadline, late
applications are not considered applications.

To apply now, Click Here to get started

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