3 important steps you need to know about weight lose


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DIET – I don’t know why this word is now synonymous with cutting down food. So let me define your diet right now. The dictionary definition of ‘diet’ is, the kind of food or drink a person or animal usually eats.

Now I don’t see where it says it means you should starve. When you say ‘I am on a diet’, it should mean you are on particular kind of food or drink e.g. vegetarian diet or protein-based diet. It should never mean you are starving or avoiding food.

Now our diet majorly affects our body’s weight gain or weight loss. We need to make conscious efforts to understand and follow proper nutritional guidelines that help us determine what our diet should consist of.

Nutrition is the process of nourishing your body. It is the process by which the body assimilates food and uses it for growth and body tissue repairs.

I will not go into the details of dieting today because it is an extensive subject. Nevertheless, the elements of a balanced diet are going to be a thing of discussion in subsequent articles.

LIFESTYLE – Now, it is very unrealistic to compare someone whose daily activity involves lifting heavy metals for instance with someone who sits behind the desk all day.

Consider the eating habits of someone who eats his/her first meal of each day at work, because breakfast time is spent on the road trying to beat traffic and eats dinner at midnight because of the same traffic on the way back home. Compare this to someone who resumes work at 10.00 am, eats lunch by 1.00 pm, leaves work at 4.00 pm and eats dinner before 8.00 pm because work is only 30 minutes away from home. If we subject these two individuals to the same diet over a period of time, they would look very different.

In essence, you cannot judge your weight loss/gain based on comparisons with someone else’s diet especially when factors surrounding your individual lifestyles are completely different.


One of the major factors that contribute to weight loss or gain is:

HEREDITY – If you come from a family of overweight people it is highly likely you are going to be overweight or have the tendencies to be if it is not physically obvious yet.

The physical attributes we enjoy are the result of the combination of our parents’ features. Most often than not we take a lot of them.

However, lifestyle is very important here because some parents with lean features have obese children due to the kind of food or lifestyle the kids are allowed to live especially when these differ greatly from the parents exposure and enlightenment. 

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