5 Movies you should never watch with your Parents


These movies are not allowed for parents to watch it with their parents and there are some movies that parents should not allowed their children to watch


Dancer in the Dark doesn’t have excessive violence or gore. There’s no sex or nudity. There isn’t even excessive language. This one might appear to the perfect serious drama for a film-loving family to sit down and enjoy. But it’s all just so… awful. There’s almost no joy to be found in this one, and while the quality of performances can’t be denied, this isn’t the sort of film you plan to sit down and “enjoy” with any group of people, much less your parents. You’re all going to be a blubbering mess when this one is over, and is that really how you want to find yourself with mom and dad? Like Aronofsky, a lot of Lars von Trier movies could similarly fit on this list.

2. Short Term 12

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In the role that paved the way for Brie Larson’s future success in Hollywood, before her Oscar-winning performance in Room and her leading woman role in Marvel’s Captain Marvel, Short Term 12 became one of 2013’s best-reviewed films through its compassionate-but-authentic portrayal of the foster parent system and the conditions of the workers who put themselves through this demanding, time-consuming work. The results are enriching and heartfelt, with some notable “before they were famous” performances from LaKeith Stanfield, Rami Malek, Stephanie Beatriz, and Kaitlyn Dever.

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It was also the movie that propelled the career of its director, Destin Daniel Cretton, who would later direct last year’s Just Mercy and the forthcoming Marvel blockbuster.

Blue is the warmest colour: This French movie received wild critical acclaim upon its release in 2013, but as you may have heard, the French hold looser attitudes toward sexuality than Americans. As such, this film features a ton of raunchy sex scenes, some of which involve high schoolers.


View pictures in App save up to 80% data.Yes, this movie has a funny title. And yes, it’s technically a comedy. And yes, that is Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development. But before you add it to your parents’ queue, know that the plot centers on two women trying to have sex 24 times in one day.


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The Wolf of Wall Street is a brilliant movie but it’s a brilliant movie about some of the most unredeemable, terrible human beings you’ll ever see on the screen. You feel sort of bad as you find yourself enjoying this movie, but that feeling gets that much worse when you watch it with mom and dad. Your parents are unlikely to approve of the terrible behavior and that’s before we get to the graphic sex, drug use, and drug use during graphic sex.


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From the opening credits, it’s clear that Seven is going to be a pretty dark movie. Still, it’s got Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, and your parents probably love them. If this was a standard police procedural type story it would be fine, even with the violence, but Seven pulls no punches, with the Gluttony and Sloth murders being absolutely terrible things to watch.

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