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5 Reasons Why Ambode Won Lagos


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Monday, 13 April 2015
5 Reasons Why Ambode Won Lagos

It is no longer news that the candidate of the All Progressives Congress for Lagos State, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode emerged the winner of the Gubernatorial elections, in what can be described as a keenly contested poll. 

What is interesting is how he achieved this feat despite the popularity of his closest rival Mr Jimi Agbaje of the Peoples Democratic Party and in this article, we will explore 5 reasons the former Accountant General of Lagos got the mandate.

Robust Party Structure

In Lagos State the All Progressives Congress which metarmophosed from the Alliance for Democracy to the Action Congress of Nigeria, has remained a strategic, formidable and solid party in Nigeria’s economic capital.

With the ideology of the progressives, the party has driven its programs and policies in a manner that the Lagosians can identify its template and trademark.

As for the Gubernatorial elections, the party leveraged on its status as the ruling party to woo voters, that despite the change at the centre, continuity remained the best option for Lagos and this played a significant role in Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode’s victory.

Innovative and Strategic Publicity Team

The Ambode campaign publicity team led by Mr Steve Ayorinde, did a remarkable job bringing creativity, innovation and flair to the adverts, videos and messages from the APC candidate.

All the publicity tools deployed were youth friendly, grassroot oriented and Lagos activated, depicting the convincing manner of leadership Lagosians will enjoy, if they vote the APC.

Considering the stiff competition faced from the PDP candidate Mr Jimi Agbaje in the advert space, the packaging and presentation of Ambode, by his Media/PR team contributed immensely to his feat.

Towering Support from Tinubu and Fashola

Not many States can boast in the 4th Republic of the cooperation of Governors since 1999 till date, but Lagos is one example of how the baton of leadership has moved from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola and now Mr Akinwunmi Ambode.

The APC candidate unlike his counterpart across the Nation and in other parties, enjoyed the massive support of Tinubu and Fashola in the Gubernatorial campaigns across the State.

Even when the Oba Akiolu statement came up, creating the possibility of a swing in the votes, Governor Babatunde Fashola gave a passionate message to Lagosians which was inspiring and convincing.

The Tinubu/Fashola collaboration played a great role in the emergence of Ambode as Governor-elect.

The Federal/State Synergy

Since the turn of the 4th republic, Lagos has always been in the opposition party, which obviously affected the required investment and support from the Federal Government.

With the victory of the All Progressives Congress at the Presidential elections, the possibility of having a solid partnership and synergy between the Federal and Lagos State governments came to the fore, and the Ambode campaign capitalized on this opportunity sensitizing and wooing the voters.

The thought and opportunity of having this cooperation and a strong Federal presence, shaped the elections outcome in favour of Mr Ambode.

Sustainability of Projects/Policies/Programs

One of the factors that facilitate development and growth in a States, is a sustainable policy framework. In Lagos the All Progressives Congress had laid out a policy framework that will guide the State to even 2025.

A change in government, was going to stall that as there was no guarantee that some of the mega projects embarked upon was going to continued.

With the Mile 12-Ikorodu road still ongoing, the rail project amongst others the APC campaigned vigorously urging Lagosians to vote for the continuity of the legacy projects in Lagos State.

This paid off massively for the Ambode campaign team, as the voters considered ‘continuity’.
Now that Mr Akinwunmi Ambode has been declared winner and Governor-elect, he has no other option but to “Go and Deliver”.

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