5 Regions That Can Protect You From Rape In Nigeria


Rape is sexual intercourse without consent. However, if you’re a victim, you need to understand that you can only press charges against the offender in some states and this depends on the laws applicable in that state.  

Rape is a serious criminal offence, which comes with life imprisonment if found guilty but this depends on the state law. Here are states in Nigeria that can protect you from rape.  


States That Can Protect You From Rape In Nigeria.

1. Southern states: The Criminal Code is applicable in these states and sex with underage girls is considered an offence of defilement.

  2. Northern states: Having sex with a woman against her will or with threats of death is considered an offence under the Penal Code. However, these states don’t agree that a man can rape his wife.

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3. Lagos state: You can press charges since the Criminal Laws of Lagos describes rape as sex without consent. But the law says sexual intercourse between a man and his wife cannot be unlawful.

4. Abuja, Lagos, Anambra, Ebonyi and Oyo States: These are the only states that have domesticated the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act. This is the only law that regards both male and female as offenders and considers gang rape.  

5. States that have domesticated the Child Rights Act: States with this Act, recognize sex with a child, as rape. Only 19 states have codified the Act into law.  

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