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5 things we learnt from Jonathan’s response to OBJ


President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday in a statement
issued by his special adviser to the President on Media
and Publicity, Reuben Abati, reacted to the allegation
made by former president Olusegun Obasanjo of his
From his response to the allegation, we learnt a few
Firstly, rather than address the issue in the allegation of
OBJ, Jonathan said “the allegations are odious and
repugnant” stating that OBJ who should know better,
chooses to repeatedly, wantonly, and maliciously impugn
the integrity of a sitting President of his country for the
primary purpose of self-promotion.
Secondly, Jonathan went on to also issue his own
allegation, thereby saying he was aware of a plot by OBJ
to thwart the forthcoming general elections and impose
an unconstitutional Interim National Government, which
he hopes to head, on the nation.
Thirdly, thepresidency stated that he is still loyal and
faithful to his oath of office and further accused that OBJ
is the one who wants to plunge the country into crisis.
“Indeed, it is not President Jonathan who remains faithful
to his oath of office who is trying to plunge Nigeria into
crisis, but Chief Obasanjo who is scheming to plunge the
country into chaos in pursuit of a selfish and highly
egocentric agenda,” he said.
Fourthly, he further accused OBJ as the one who
continues to sow the seeds of discord and crises in the
polity by purporting to remain in the ruling party while
openly consorting with the opposition, endorsing its
candidates and predicting victory for opposition
candidates in a manner most unbecoming of a supposed
elder statesman.
Lastly, he reassures Nigerians of his commitment to the
country stating that rescheduling of the general elections
was in the best interest of the nation and was never driven
by any ulterior motive on the part of government as Chief
Obasanjo and others have alleged. “President Jonathan
will continue to put his best efforts into giving Nigeria
quality leadership and will not be distracted from his
purpose by unwarranted and needless criticism by
persons who ought to know better,” he stressed.
With the accusations on both parties, it all boils down to
politics and it should not be forgotten that Jonathan rules
from OBJ’s school of thought.

Written by Ranti Joseph.

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