6 signs to show you are in love


Love is a beautiful and a great thing right? However, it is so amazing that most people do not know when they are crazily in love or it is safer to say they fake ignorance.

When you fall in love, you behave differently and treat the person in a special way you can’t explain in words. When you are in love things seems brighter than they are naturally are: the grass is greener, the sky is blue, the colours of objects around are more intense; all seems to be glooming and flourishing.

Like in Bollywood, the breeze blows your hair, there are many butterflies in your stomach, the rain is also responding to the moment…awnnn, gosh, so romantic!

The feelings you have can be so intense and you have mixed feelings always; excitement and nervousness. Here are the signs to prove that you are falling in love with that guy/girl:

1. You feel at ease with the person: Whenever you are around the person, you feel so relaxed and at ease to do things and also spend time with them. You don’t struggle to engage them because honestly it is what you always longed for. You can pretend not to care sometimes and pretend to struggle but deep down your heart, the enzymes in your body system are leaping for joy. When you always want to be around a particular person, love might be calling out to you there; check it!

2. You get jealous when the person ignores you: This can be painful o. When you find out that you get a little bit jealous when a particular girl/guy gives you less attention but gives others more attention; there is a love story to be told. It is important to note that a little bit jealousy is healthy, but when it becomes too much; it leads to toxic behaviour which can be dangerous.

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3. You become more loving towards him/her: When love comes into play, the heart doesn’t dictate whose tune to dance to; it dances to the tune that made the ‘love-call’. You naturally display affection towards the person you are in love with; you clearly want to be over them. Whenever you get the chance to take a stroll with this person; you want to hold hands, do a little cuddling or ways to show your love to the person.

4. You are not ashamed to show him/her to family and friends: A guy/girl you are in love with will be known by friends and family even if you are yet to realize the burning passion. You will be quick to introduce the person to your family, friends and also tell them inciting things about him/her. Mostly, you leave out the ugly part of the person because you want him/her to be loved by your family and friend.

5. You know what they like and don’t like: To understand the kind of food, drink, wears, manner of approach a guy/girl likes or don’t is a huge sign to show you are rolling over in love with him/her. It is the fact, what makes you take your time to understand the likes and dislikes of any person is a sign you always want to be in your best behavior with the person. Better put, you always want to do stuff that makes the person happy and all smiling. What else should we call that?

6. You smile when you see their name: This happens all the time whenever we are in love, you just find yourself smiling when his/her pop up on your phone. This can be embarrassing when you are caught, but if it happens to you often, my ‘nigga’, you are in love.

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