6 Six Reasons Why Your Face Keeps Breaking Out


Most people struggle with skin breakout, especially on the face. Though every skin type is different, breakouts are mostly triggered by hormones and other factors. Which includes;

  1. Exfoliating Too Often

Exfoliating is very good for the face, but doing it too often is bad. It best to exfoliate at most every two weeks. Exfoliating the skin too often would only harm the skin

  1. Changing Beauty Products

It can be understandable you might like to try new things but changing body creams, soaps or cosmetic products often would make your skin break out. It is best to stick to a particular product rather than changing your skincare products too often.

  1. Dirty Pillow Cases

Since your face touches your pillow a lot, the oil on your face accumulates on the pillow while you sleep and rubs into your pores again day after day. Wash your pillowcases at least every week.

  1. Not Washing Your Face More Than Twice A Day

Your skin regulates itself and produces as much sebum it needs to stay hydrated and ageless. However, wash your face too much would make your face dry leading to dead skin. Hence, you should clean your face at most twice a day.

  1. Eating unhealthy foods

Eating the right way would go a long way in keeping your skin and especially your face healthy.  Your diet is one of the first things to assess to get the root of your breakouts. Your skin might respond negatively to some types of food. For example, oily foods, too much sugar, refined grains (snacks and processed food) and more.


  1. Dehydration

You need to stay hydrated to have clear skin.  Lack of water would impair your body’s ability to self – regulate. When your skin is not hydrated your skin accumulates dead cells that can plug up your pores.


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