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6 Social collaboration tools for your projects


Deloitte’s Shift Index reports that social media use in
corporations is declining . That’s a shame, because social
collaboration tools are a major benefit to many project
teams. I believe the decline is due to lax structures around
governance and concerns around security, all of which can
be addressed if you choose the right products.
Here are my top 6 social collaboration tools (think social
media for work) that would help your projects deliver more
1. Instant messaging
I’ve seen more and more project teams turn to instant
messaging instead of email, especially chat tools that come
built in to other products. I rely heavily on Skype, for
example, and while I don’t sit on the phone to my colleagues
all day the chat feature is really useful. I also like being able
to see who is online so I know if I’ve got a chance of getting
my question answered.
The challenge with instant messaging is knowing how to
capture the conversation if you need to. When this feature
is built into other project management tools it will often be
stored with the rest of your project data. When it’s part of a
standalone product like Skype you’ll have to consider how
you get the conversation out and into your project notes (if,
indeed, you need to).
2. Wiki
More than half of CIOs say that developing employees’ IT
skills in emerging technologies is important, so it’s essential
that any social collaboration tools you use on your projects
are easy to implement and don’t have a steep learning
Wikis fall into that category. I can’t stress enough how much
I love wikis for lessons learned.

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