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6-Year Old Boy’s Hand Chopped off for Being Albino



This is the latest in a series of attacks
that has plagued Tanzania in the last
couple of years.
6-year old, Baraka Cosmas has had his
right palm chopped off in a targeted
attack in Kipenda village,
Rukwa region Tanzania , MSN reports.
Regional police commander, Jacob
Mruanda said the boy had been
sleeping at home with his mother
when a gang of assailants stormed
the house late Saturday.
After beating the boy’s mother
severally for refusing to let him go,
they chopped off the boy’s right palm
with a machete and walked out.
There is a high prevalence of albino
murders/attacks in Tanzania as some
are of the belief that their body parts
can bring good luck and wealth and
this is the latest in a series of attacks
that has plagued the country in the
last couple of years.
Last week, 4 people were sentenced
to death for the murder of an albino
According to a United Nations expert ,
attacks on people with albinism have
claimed the lives of at least 75 people
since 2000.
It’s also reported that albino body
parts sell for around $600 (about
N119,700) with an entire corpse
fetching $75,000 (about N14 million).

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