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Chapter 9

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Chapter 9

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Elizabeth could not resist the urge to meet Judes wife face-to-face. The jealousy she is feeling had taken over her sense of reasoning and Jude did nothing to stop her from coming to the surprise party.


Elizabeth walked in with other guests and acted neutral, she acts she doesnt know who Jude is, ignoring him and avoiding eye contact while he explains to everyone the plan for the evening before Sandra arrives. Jude tells them they were going to be quiet until Sandra walks in, and then they will shout surprise and the party will go on as usual.


Elizabeth is fine with the arrangement but when Sandra walks in and they shout surprise, Jude goes to meet her and they start to kiss in front of Elizabeth which wasnt part of the plan. So she thought she is obligated to break the connection and remind Jude she was in the house.


Elizabeth introduces herself to Sandra with Jude trying to shove her off at every chance he gets. It starts to get awkward and Elizabeth decides she has tortured Jude enough as she excuses herself and disappears into the crowd.

Sandras friends surround her and keep her company the whole night. She later walks into her kitchen to get a refill of a glass of wine and sees a woman cooking in her kitchen, spilling content of the wine on her dress. Jude walks in behind her and introduces Sandra to her new maid. Sandra is short of words with happiness because having a maid means she now has time to think and do other things aside from being the lady of their big house.


The duplex was big. Elizabeth admits the house is too much for one woman to handle alone as she takes a tour around the house. She sees a grand door on the upper floor of the house and walks towards it knowing might be the master bedroom.


Elizabeth wanted to see how Judes matrimonial bed looks so she opens the door and enters, wondering if Jude will dare sleep with her on it.


Sandra needs to change clothes because Jude did not give her the opportunity of dressing for the occasion he planned. Besides, she had spilled wine on her dress so she heads for her bedroom to change clothes not knowing who or what was waiting for her there.



Jude looks out for Elizabeth but doesnt see her. Jude knew Elizabeth so well and he knows Elizabeth will not leave without saying goodbye. So he panics and searches around the house for Elizabeth as he looks he sees Sandra unzipping her dress walking towards their master bedroom.


The bedroom He says out loud and flies through the staircase, dashing towards their bedroom in time to startle Sandra and grab her attention as she opens their bedroom door to show Elizabeth in inside. Jude spins Sandra around so fast.

Jude, whats with you today? Sandra asks

I saw you unzipping your dress and I couldnt help but follow you. Jude lies

I will change my dress and then get back downstairs because we still have guests in the house. Sandra responds


Jude looks into the room and sees that Elizabeth had hidden somewhere so he breathes out hard revealing relief. I hope they will leave soon and we can have our own private party. Leave the dress Sandra; I want to do the unzipping later. Jude remarks and directs Sandra back downstairs, Sandra did not oppose.


After several minutes, Jude returns to the bedroom to find Elizabeth sitting at the edge of the bedpost.


What were you thinking Elizabeth? Jude roars

I am so sorry Jude, I didnt mean to intrude

I want you to leave now! Jude says

Elizabeth stands up and walked towards him, kissing him, seducing him. Jude, tell me you love me.

I want you to leave Elizabeth. Jude said instead


She kept kissing him until he responded to her kisses then she climbed on Judes matrimonial bed and asked him to come join her.


Jude looks at her with disgust and walks out of the room telling her Elizabeth, make sure you leave before my wife and I return. without looking back, slamming the bedroom door behind him.


Elizabeth has smudged her eyeliner with tears as she heads out of their house through the back with the guide of their new maid.

She takes one final glance at the house she is supposed to live in and wonders if it will ever be hers. For the first time since dating Jude, reality sets in and Elizabeth realizes this relationship was far from being true love.



Six months after his wife starts work in Judes house. Jamal sits on a chair in his bedroom drunk. He stands up and staggers towards a CD player, pressing play as Felas Gentleman song I no be gentleman at all oo, I be African man original fills the air and he dances.


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After minutes of dancing, he pours himself more alcohol, looking at a picture frame of himself and his wife on the wall. His wife is the only thing in his life he loved and now she is taken from him because of his debts.In six months, the job as a maid in Judes house has taken her attention off him although it brought in money but she is distant and never reachable. He misses her so much and drinks himself to stupor most nights to fill the loneliness. Jamal and his wife had no children, it was just the two of them but now just him by himself.


Jamal raises a glass at the picture making a toast to her.


I am sorry for the pain I put you through. Jamal mutters as he sips more alcohol.


Jamal doesnt notice the stranger walk into his apartment until the light goes out. He staggers to get a touch light but stumbles on a figure in the room and he gulps saliva as he senses the person means trouble. Then he tries to run, but the built figure grabs him and places his muscular hands on Jamals throat. Jamal tries to scream, but the music is too loud for neighbours to be alarmed. The man tightens his grip on Jamals throat as his eyes bulges and then Jamals face turns pale.




A few weeks before Jamals death, Sandra picks up her phone and dials a number asking the person on the other end to meet her at an eatery in a popular shopping mall in Ikeja.

An hour later, Sandra is sitting behind a table at one of many eateries in the mall when the man enters wearing a dark suit and sunglasses.


Please, sit Sandra tells the man


The man unbuttons his jacket and takes a seat in front of her.


I want you to spy on someone. Sandra tells him

Sandra and the man both stare at each other for a moment until the man breaks the silence. Who do you want me to spy?


Sandra opens her bag, brings out a picture and hands it to him.Why should I spy on your husband, Sandra? The man asks after looking at the picture


He is having an affair. It hurts me and it will hurt the family business. Sandra responds

How do you know he is having an affair?

Mrs Oyemades husband told me. Sandra responds

Your maids drunken husband told you your husband is having an affair and you believe him?

Mrs Oyemade is a friend… Besides, I have had suspicions and he only confirmed them. Sandra responds

Your father will not be happy with the sound of you spying on your husband Sandra. the man cautions her

My father will not know because no one will tell him. This is confidential. Sandra tells him. He has not been on a business trip in months and last week he informs me he is going on a business trip. He leavestomorrow, so I want him followed. Sandra continues to tell the man


The man laughs.Sandra, this idea is not super story or Nollywood. It is real life! You are waking up sleeping dogs and when they bark are you sure you are ready for the consequences?


I am scorned! I have lost two pregnancies while Jude goes off on business trips. God has blessed me with another pregnancy and Jude announces he is going on a business trip. I wont lose this child! Sandra tells the man crying


The man stares at Sandra and sees the anger in her. The pain he only sees in a woman hurt by a man, the look of hatred and revenge. He has never seen Sandra hurt so he helps her.Okay, I will do it.

Thank you. Sandra replies with relief

He stands up and leaves the eatery leaving a happy Sandra



When Jude finds out his wife is pregnant, he is filled with joy and for the first time the happiness is genuine. After the last stunt Elizabeth pulls, he decides the relationship between Elizabeth and he is over. She is now so obsessive and has made mistakes that cost him everything. She wasnt worth the risk anymore. He will take the responsibility for his son but Elizabeth will have to move on without him.


Jude said little to herin 6 months, so breaking up with her over the phone will be rude. Jude will not forget how Elizabeth helped him through his nightmares and during the rough times. She deserves to be told face-to-face. So after his business trip, he will branch at her place and give her the news.


After his business trip, Jude calls Elizabeth and tells her he is coming over to the house. Elizabeth on the other end is delighted. She has not seen Judein 6 months.

Jude drives into her compound seeing Elizabeth clutching onto his son, waiting for him to greet them. He is glad to see his son but he cant say the same for Elizabeth and parks the car, gets out and reaches for his son who has grown more than the last time Jude saw him.

Jude walks into the apartment trying to avoid eye contact with Elizabeth.


Fifteen minutes into his visit, Elizabeth takes Judes son inside his room for the boys afternoon nap.

Elizabeth comes out of the room and walks straight into the kitchen to whip something up for Jude to eat. Jude follows Elizabeth to the kitchen.

Elizabeth drags a chair from the dining table in the kitchen for Jude to sit but he hesitates.


Here, sit. Food is ready. Elizabeth tells Jude


Jude sits as Elizabeth hands him a glass of water. I didnt come here to eat or drink Elizabeth.


Elizabeths smile disappears and Jude stands up in a gesture to leave. Then she has a smirk on her face, understanding what

Jude meant.


She undresses


This relationship is over Elizabeth. Jude tells her with a frown on his face

Elizabeth grabs the glass of water and throws it at Jude.Over, it is not over until I say over! I gave you more than 5years of my life and I never stopped loving you besides I love you more than your wife will ever love you Jude


I am sorry Elizabeth but this cant work anymore and I wont keep acting we have a future together when we dont. The past 5years was wonderful, but the future is blink with you, I am married now, and this marriage means more to me. I am sorry Elizabeth. Jude tells her

What will happen to our son?

I will always be his father. Nothing has changed with him. I will continue to provide for you two. Jude replies and walks towards the door


Elizabeth grabs Judes arm. Dont leave. We can work this whole arrangement out regardless. I wont intrude again, I promise, Just dont leave me. Elizabeth begs


Jude pulls away from her grip.


You cant leave me Jude. You are mine. There is no one else; you made sure I had no one. Now, you choose another woman over me because of money? Elizabeth screams


Is that what I get for everything? She continues


I knew you wont take this well. I will give you time to sink the information. Jude tells her on his way out of the house.


Elizabeth walks towards him. I love you and I love you so much. I havent been able to sleep in 6 months, what do you think will happen after you leave?


If my wife finds out, she divorces me and takes most of my inheritance and it leaves me broke with my dad disowning me. Trust me, you will be more worried of where to sleep and how to feed yourself and not being able to sleep will be the least of your problems. You have a roof over your head and lacked nothing you need. If you still want this arrangement to continue, then you will grow up and see we dont have a future together.Jude shouts at her


I dont care! Elizabeth shouts back

I never loved you!Jude tells her

Lies Elizabeth responds

I loved one woman and she is not you, and I wanted her to be you, I saw her in you everyday but you are not her and never will be. I hurt her and it hunted me for years but now I want to move on and I am getting rid of my past and moving on Elizabeth. You should do the same. Jude tells her


If you leave, I will kill myself. Elizabeth threatens

Those are your choices not mine, just dont do it in front of our son. Jude tells her with no remorse and walks away.

Elizabeth goes into shock as Jude drives out of the compound.




There are two things the man Sandra sent as a spy has learnt over time by working with the rich. They value only two things; family and money. They spend their whole lives building legacies around those two things, building business that will outlive them and building families that will run those businesses. So, an outsider can tamper with belongings of the rich but never should the outsider position themselves as a threat to those two things; money and family.


The man is parked across the street from Elizabeths address, taking pictures of the whole drama in front of him. The man feels sorry for the woman Jude is with because she doesnt know she has become a threat and threats are most often eliminated.




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