7 Remarkable Facts About Breasts You Never Knew


Its quite amazing how God perfectly design our body with each part having a unique feature. The level of God’s Imagination and supremecy is what we can’t comprehend.

Our body is the most intimate thing to us, that is why we go a long way to care for it. Yet we don’t know everything about it.

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We get acquainted to the physical appearance of our body but we have little idea about it’s features, functions, quirks and at times, mysteries.

In this article, we would explore a part of the human body in a way that would be quite interesting. Think of it as a mini digital encyclopedia with a dose of wow. The body part we would explore is the breast, it signifies more than its essential functions known to us.

American culture places undue value on the size, shape, and appearance of the breasts, which can make it easy to neglect the essential functions of the breast from an evolutionary biological standpoint, which is primarily for feeding of offsprings.

Mental Floss spoke to some specialists about the breasts and from their formal explanations, the facts below were deduced about the human breast.

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1. Breasts Are Sisters, Not Twin

According to Constance Chen, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and director of microsurgery at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai Hospital, speaking with the Mental Floss, she said: “Two breast are rarely, if ever identical. Breasts comes in all shapes and sizes,” she continued, “there are lots of different ways to be normal. The same is also true for nipples and their areolae, the darker coloured skin around the nipples.

2. It’s Not Just Men Who Stare At Women’s Breasts

Psychologists from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln did a study in 2013 to determine whether men were alone in their alleged fascination with women’s breasts. From the study, titled: “My Eyes Are Up Here: The Nature Of The Objectifying Gaze Towards Women”, 29 women and 36 men were fitted up with eye-tracking technology and shown woman with “body shapes that fit cultural ideals of feminine attractiveness to varying degrees.” They were told to focus on the appearance versus the personality of the women. Both male and female participants spent more time looking at the woman’s breasts than they did their faces, especially if a woman had a “high ideal” body shape; hourglass, with a small waist and large breasts.

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3. Inverted Nipples Are Normal

An inverted nipple is a normal occurrence “caused by adhesions at the base of the nipple that bind the skin to the underlying tissue,”. According to a team of specialists at Colombia University that answers medical questions in a column called “Go Ask Alice.” It’s possible to have one inverted nipple and not the other, or both. In general, it should cause very little discomfort or problems, with the exception of breastfeeding. Sometimes, an inverted nipple can be different for an infant to latch onto, but there are methods to help the nipple protrude again, such as nipple shield. In very rare cases, a nipple that becomes inverted may be a sign of breast cancer, in which a tumor is pulling on the tissue and causes it to become inverted.

4. Breasts Are Glands

Beneath the fleshy-soft mound that we see as breasts is a less glamorously named mammary gland, a complex network if fard cells and tubes that are capable of producing milk for feeding babies. If a woman becomes pregnant, the milk ducts, sac-like structures, fill first with colostrum before the baby is born and the breast milk fill in afterwards. Sending it via little channels called lobules to the nipple, where the milk exits the breast into the baby’s mouth.

5. Breast Cancer Does Not Discriminate

Most people often believes that the only way they’re likely to get breast cancer is if they have a history of it in their family. According to Constance Chen, this is not accurate: ” Most people who get breast cancer have no family history,” she noted that: “Beyond genetics, risk factors include, getting older, benign breast problems, more exposure to radiation.” And men can get breast cancer too, “It’s makes up more than one percent of all cancers in men, but it’s not a part to be ignored.” Jay Harness, a breast cancer and reconstructive surgeon at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, tells Mental Floss that: “Women and men should both seek preventive cancer screenings, especially if there is a history of the aggressive BRCA1 gene that carries a significant risk of cancer in men and women. Early detection us key to helping treat breast cancer.

6. Midwives Of Old Read Breasts Like Books

According to a class at Standford titled “A History Of The Body,” early midwives and medical practitioners made meaning of the colours of women’s breasts. A 17th-centuary midwife. Jane Sharp, write about the English woman she tended to: “The Nipples are read after copulation, red as a strawberry, and that is their natural colour: But Nursing Nipples, when they give suck, are blue, and they grow black when they are old.”

7. Smoking Can Cause Breasts To Droop, But Breastfeeding Doesn’t

Many women blames breastfeeding for breast droop, but the facts don’t bear that out. While pregnancy can change the elasticity of the ligaments in the breasts, breastfeeding merely change the size of the breasts, but has little impact on the elasticity of the skin. Smoking, on the other hand, is a direct antagonist to elastin, the substance that makes all skin supple, which can lead to dropping breasts.

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