8 Ways To Stay Productive When Working From Home 

  1. 1. Start Early: Most people tend to be productive during the early hours of the day. Make sure you dive into your work before fatigue sets in.  

  1. 2. Adjust your mind: Always pretend as if you’re heading to the office. Take your bath, dress up, sip a cup of tea and move to your home office. 

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  1. 3. Create a workspace: Set up a comfortable work area. Depending on what works for you, move your work area to a quiet section of your home.  

  1. 4. Design a work schedule: Without this, you will find yourself doing irrelevant things. Always set a timeline to each task so you can know when you are lagging behind.  

  1. 5. Inform house members: If you don’t live alone, explain your work schedule to your siblings, parents, spouse. This creates understanding and prevents unnecessary quarrels. 

  2. 6. Remove distractions: It’s very easy to spend hours flipping through WhatsApp statuses. You can turn off your notifications and make calls when you are done working.  

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7. Take a break: Working from home can become boring and lonely. Make sure you take a break and do some posture improvement exercises. 

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