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A MUTINOUS SENATE AND THE 12 MUTINEERS I. by Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.


I read with melancholy the resolution of the Senate in support of the death sentence passed by a Court martial on the 12 Mutineers rounded up in Borno, the truth is that some young soldiers revolted against their GOC because they feared the regular internal sabotage that leaked their protocols to the Haramists, a tradition that oft led to the mauling and death of their colleagues in the hands of the Haramists.

To the Senate the death sentence must stand, but does this Senate stand for the people? Methinks that this Senate is far more mutinous than the 12 mutineers. Yes, this Senate has for 15years failed to amend the flawed 1999 Constitution whilst spending billions on the said project, such is mutiny. This Senate appropriates humongous taxpayers monies on non-existing Constituency projects, such is mutiny. This Senate closes its eyes to monstrous corruption and the despoliation of our collective wealth thus leading to the death of the hapless and many impoverished Nigerians, such is mutinous. And this Senate is quiet in the face of endless constitutional infractions but would rather young Soldiers die in sabotaged battles, sad.

Countrymen and women, this must be put in proper perspective, the way the Soldiers swore to an Oath of allegiance to defend fatherland was the same way this Senate swore to make Laws for the Order and good governance of fatherland, indeed the Soldiers appear less mutinous because they have lost colleagues to the war on insurgency, alas the Senate remains effective in a mutiny against our collective vault cum the plunder of Nigeria.

The 12 Soldiers sentenced to death by Firing Squad for mutiny must not be killed because to do so may perhaps provoke the men and the other ranks of the Army into more brazen acts of mutiny and by jove terminate this civil rule.


Written by: Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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