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A Passionate Letter to General Buhari- Dele Momodu



Your Excellency, let me start by
congratulating you on a keenly contested
Presidential Primary of your party APC
which you won resoundingly. Even if I’m
not a member of your party, I’m a recent
convert to Buharism, as previously
explained elsewhere, and I believe every
member of the opposition must join forces
to work for your victory in 2015. It is for
this reason and purpose that I wish to give
you a few words of advice and
encouragement as one of your humble
disciples. I’ve come to realise that many
leaders often fail because most of their
followers are usually too timid or terribly
selfish that they can’t tell them the truth. It
is one of the reasons I’ve refused to join
any of the mainstream parties in which I
may not be able to express myself freely. I
assure you sir, that I seek nothing but the
good of our dear beloved country in return
for my modest support.
Please, permit me to say, categorically,
that no man can claim glory for your
victory. The only one to thank is your God
who gave you the uncommon attributes of
integrity, modesty and tenacity. I’m aware
that success has too many family
members but you must be very careful to
know your true blood relations. I can
imagine the pressure you must be getting
from every direction at this great moment
in a nation of amazing politicians who
already see your likely chances at the polls.
It is our standard practice in Nigeria but
you must be careful not to waste this
incredible momentum.
I’ve been monitoring all the hullaballoo
since you became victorious. I plead with
you and your party operatives to act fact
and hit the ground running. Your campaign
must start urgently because there are so
many bridges to cross. I have no doubt in
my mind that the propaganda of your
opponent is evaporating so rapidly and
you’ve obviously ignited a passion in our
youths who seemed to have finally
connected to your message of change and
hope. The last time I witnessed such an
upsurge of emotion and excitement was in
1993 when Chief Moshood Abiola emerged
the Presidential flag-bearer of SDP in Jos.
Trust me, you gave us a fresh hope two
days ago.
As a media man, I’m always wary of
wasting moments of glory. You cannot
imagine how we kept sleepless nights
because of you. Ordinary Nigerians like me
kept faith with and vigil for you. I won’t be
surprised if some even fasted. It was that
serious. I saw Christians and Muslims pray
together. It was surreal and magical to say
the least. We all waited with bated breath
for the results. When finally it was time to
count the ballot, most of us were in
suspense. We counted every vote along
with Senator Babafemi Ojudu and
company. And we were very impressed
with the ability of the Convention committee
led by Dr Kayode Fayemi, who taught INEC
how to run a good election. Our joy knew
no bounds as you came out victorious.
Sir, I wish to assure you that the outcome
of that keenly contested election was not a
fluke. You all worked hard and made your
party and our country proud. We were
happy to see a Nigerian politician concede
defeat even as votes were still being
counted. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s tweet was
a masterstroke. It showed clearly that
Democracy has germinated in our clime
and we can begin to look forward for
bountiful harvests in the not too distant
future. We were impressed with the
collective performances of Governor Rabiu
Kwankwaso, Govenor Rochas Okorocha
and our Brother Publisher, Sam Nda-Isiah. I
pray this team spirit holds to the end. It is
an attitude to encourage because it
demonstrates the preparedness of those
who are serious about the 2015 elections.
Even the ambience surrounding the event
venue was just too sweet.
My honest and humble suggestion is that
you must do what you’ve promised to do,
carry your party along with you and you will
find the task ahead a LOT easier.  You’ve
criss-crossed the length and breadth of
Nigeria in the past bonding with your party
members and fellow Nigerians. This is your
fourth attempt and hopefully the last shot
at returning to finish the job which you
were wickedly prevented from finishing in
1985. In your past outings, you tried all you
could but got frustrated all the way by
forces beyond your control. Never mind,
the time has come for you to reap the
rewards of that Odysseus journey.
In your previous outings, Sir, you must
have suffered a huge trauma. You were
called many unprintable names because of
your bluntness and inability to pretend and
lie about your faith and beliefs. The one
ugly label that stuck to you like a leech is
that of being an Islamic fundamentalist.
Even recently, you were subliminally
accused of being the prime promoter of the
much-dreaded Boko Haram. But no one
had the guts to frontally arrest you and
prosecute you for crimes against your
country and humanity. I still wonder till this
day how you managed to bear all the
insults and assaults against you with such
unusual equanimity.
In the process of trying to prove your
innocence, you went to great lengths and
chose all manner of characters as your
running-mates. I remember you chose a
prominent and highly-cerebral Igbo Chief,
Dr Chuba Okadigbo, as your Vice
Presidential candidate, but that was not
good enough for our people to vote for you.
Instead, you were described as an
incurable irredentist. Most recently, and
probably out of desperation to shed off the
toga of religious bigotry, you chose the
fiery preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare of The
Latter Rain Assembly, as your soul-mate,
but you were still not able to wash off your
hands clean like Pontius Pilate. I must
confess that your skin must be tougher
than that of a porcupine. If there is one
lesson we must all learn from you, it is that
we must never give up in the face of
daunting challenges. You are truly resilient
and indomitable.
My dream is to see your party come
together to form a kind of shadow cabinet
as soon as possible. This will also show
your teeming supporters how committed
you are. The composition of your squad
will reveal the kind of personalities that will
eventually form your dream team in
Government. From now on members of
that crew will be formulating policies and
commenting on issues of national
economic and social importance and
showing Nigerians what they should come
to expect from May 29 2015.  I’ve always
been an advocate of such because it
additionally helps you to gather a combined
synergy. Instead of relying on your
personal popularity, it would be possible to
tap into the energy of other members and
millions of youths who are happy to
volunteer for your campaign. For the first
time since you started contesting in 2003,
you have a nationwide spread of
supporters behind you. It is almost
supernatural that the Governors in your
party control the chunkiest parts in Nigeria.
But your biggest assets are the masses
who believe in you. They must never be
taken for granted because they are the
voice of God.
If the APC can sustain the classy
craftsmanship we saw at the Lagos
Convention, I’ve no doubt that your
campaign would catch the attention of
most Nigerians everywhere and change the
lacklustre way of organising political rallies.
Your campaign must be issue based. I
loved your letter to the APC Delegates. It
was so soul-lifting that it went viral. It
would be nice to write from time to time to
Nigerians intimating them on how you plan
to tackle the many problems afflicting our
country. In addition you must not fear to
regularly interact with Nigerians face to
face when matters of national importance
arise. It is a poor leader who leaves such
matters to publicists and spokesperson. It
reveals that they are insecure and unsure
of themselves.  More importantly, it
displays a significant disconnect between
the leader and his constituents as well as a
distinct lack of compassion. We have
suffered too many unfulfilled promises and
too many shocking denials of matters
which critically affect our people.  The
people have become virtually paranoid of
politicians and their sugar-coated and
phantasmagorical lies.
There are too many brilliant Nigerians
across the world desperate to see a better
Nigeria before they die. They will support
you unconditionally once they key into your
dream for the country. The situation of the
country is so bad that everyone is
expecting a miracle from God. This is the
time to prove that Nigeria is not a cursed
country but a truly blessed race. I’m
already impressed with the calibre of
people I see around you and I’m persuaded
they are capable of not only helping you to
win the election but also to run an effective
I wish you the best of luck Sir.
I have no personal animosity against you,
Mr President. As a matter of fact, I think
you have been just unfortunate to have
assumed power at a most terrible period in
the history of our country. I cannot write
you off in the next Presidential contest. You
are the incumbent with all the Federal
might at your disposal. But it is going to be
the biggest battle that you, PDP and indeed
the conservatives have ever fought since
coming to power in 1999.
If you, as the President fail in your second
term bid, it would be due to several
reasons. The first is that PDP has not lived
up to its billing despite all the vast
resources at its disposal. The money spent
since then would have turned a more
prudent country into a paradise on earth.
But in our own case, the more you look, the
less you see. Education has collapsed
totally. Infrastructural decay is abysmal.
Insecurity is atrocious. Corruption has shot
through the roof. It is a long tale of woes.
Even those much vaunted areas that your
Government promotes in our media are
now being shown to be nothing more than
propaganda stunts. We still have no power
despite all the amounts that have been
burnt in the purported attempt to provide
light for our people. Our economy is in
shambles.   Our international economists
have totally lost the grip. I still cannot
understand how the price of crude has
fallen to the level that it has and yet the
domestic price of petrol and petroleum
products has not fallen a kobo.  It is
sacrilegious.  The one thing that is clear is
that there is now no subsidy of any
description so the so-called deficits in the
budget should not be there.  Our voodoo
economists however will tell us the
contrary.  Ask them to tell you the truth
because the die is cast.
The major challenge is that your supporters
are also fond of threatening hell-fire
against your opponents instead of trying to
sell your best attributes. I can see this
strategy failing already. Please, don’t
deviate from your belief that the blood of
Nigerians is not worth dropping for politics.
Be a man of peace and not a man of war.
God has been too kind to you. If He wishes,
he may still retain you in power.

Credits: This Day Live, Omojuwa.com

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