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Fare thee well Irekefe Obareki (Keffe) that was the name my siblings and I knew you by whilst you grew up in Safi (Sapele) and horned your singing talent with The Temple of Deliverance Mission Choir opposite my residence then.

Your short term here was eventful. You gave a great bent to Gospel Music and won yourself countless laurels.

May your birth in the yonder through your death meet with joy untold because to live in our hearts is not to die.

All lovers of good music will miss you. Your close friend my younger Sister Gloria in whose company you visited me a few years ago at the Le’Meridian Hotel in Abuja is crest fallen, and so are your friends, admirers and acquaintances, Sapele for sure is mourning BUT your transition is nobler for the hereafter is loftier.

Goodbye Keffe now the Angels shall sing you a remix of your hit song ‘Kokoroko’.

We love you.

_Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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