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A woman and her 2 grandkids have been killed by an angry mob in Pakistan after an alleged blasphemous Facebook post.



A woman and her two granddaughters have
been killed by an angry mob in Pakistan after an
allegedly blasphemous post on Facebook.
Bashiran, 55, seven-year-old Hira and her baby
sister died after their home was attacked in
Gurjanwala, 110 miles southeast of the capital
All three were members of the Ahmadi
community – an offshoot of Islam founded in
India in the 19th Century.
The mob attacked and burnt five homes, a
storage building and several vehicles belonging
to Ahmadi followers on Sunday night after
rumours emerged that a member of the
community had put up an image of the Kaaba,
the structure at the Grand Mosque in Mecca
which Muslims face five times a day to pray,
allegedly containing nudity.
Police officials said a crowd of 150 people first
went to the police station to demand the
blasphemy case was registered.


“As we were negotiating with the crowd, another
mob attacked and started burning the houses of
Ahmadis,” an official said. Continue reading on Sky News

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