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We are delighted you are here, we welcome you to Olajide TV, the ultimate news, entertainment, lifestyle and fortuity hub! Created as a  WordPress blog in 2013  by Joseph Olajide Johnson, an online marketing strategist, web developer and events management expert with broad experience in advocacy programs, policy formulation, and content creation.

We publish articles on leadership, world occurrence, lifestyle and trends on this site. We also engage in advertising, social media promotions, email marketing and general media consultancy.

We want you to be part of our story Image result for happy emoticon png, so do not hesitate to hit us up with the contact details below:

Mail: info@olajide.tv

Post Submissions: submissions@olajide.tv

You can as well check us out on our social media platforms:

Twitter: @OlajideTV

Instagram: @OlajideTV

Facebook: Olajide TV


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  • morenike
    February 24, 2017

    wow.. beautiful
    keep it up

    • jamesjeffreyjunior
      January 26, 2019


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