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After 7 Years of Free Shows, “Yeah! It is my time to be heard… Africa music superstar Yemi Alade


Nigeria’s ‘Jonny’ crooner, Yemi Alade, has expressed
her satisfaction over the fame the hit track brought
for her.
She explained to Leadership newspaper that the song
‘Johnny’ was just the vehicle to use in re-announcing
her into the industry after struggling for so long to
show her presence since winning the Peak talent
hunt show in 2009.
“Yeah! It is my time to be heard. Johnny was just the
vehicle to re-announce me in the industry. A lot of
hilarious comments have been made on account of
the Johnny video; you know it was a star studded
cast directed by Clarence Peters. What people don’t
know is that the Johnny song was leaked in Enugu
and it took on a life of its own! It took just 7 hours to
shoot the video and it has become a success story.
Also, my debut album, ‘King of Queens’ was released
in last quarter of 2014 and it has sold over a
thousand copies,” she said.
Recalling her foray into the money spinning world,
the singer explained that she was actually influenced
by her mum who likes playing gospel music and had
to give her the much needed push to try something in
“I started singing when I was young. Dad used to
play King Sunny Ade’s music; mum was a fan of
gospel tunes. My brothers used to play a lot of Usher
and R Kelly songs, but I never wanted to do music. It
was my mum that exposed me to it and made me
take to it. I never planned to do music. I’m grateful
to her now. You know that I won the Peak Talent
Show in 2009 and I took off from there,” she
“It was not an easy road to get to where I am now. I
give God the glory. I still plan to read music someday
and add to my knowledge. Now, I’m passionate
about music. My management, headed by Taiwo Alli,
has been working hard to push my music and my
brand and it is yielding results now. We are doing
better music now and shooting better videos. But the
beginning was rough as expected. I did seven years
of free shows going from one club to the other and
selling myself,” she stated.


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