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A Generation of Doom By Innocent Inalegwu Alifa



These are times
When hideous crimes
Deplete talents and dreams
As natural resources are drowned in streams
I will write on billboards
And even black and signboards
Telling the end of a nation on gravestones
Singing dirges and elegies around tombstones
This is a generation of idiots
And passionately zealous bigots
Who, turned reckless by corruption
Are cheating each other by manipulation and
Confused mid-stream
I no longer rub cream
And my skin dries like sunless grasses
As I speak the perturbations of the masses
The protracted gloom and doom of the night
Will be conquered by the life and breath of light
And we will no longer live in pieces
But shall be smiling like princes of peace

_ Innocent Inalegwu Alifa.

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