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Amazon Fire Phone Update v3.5.1 Adds New Features


The update includes a
bonanza of new features
as well as UI
improvements, tweaks to
improve the battery life, a
new option for deleting emails, and more.
While this update will be music to the ears
of Fire Phone owners, I don’t see anything
here that would interest me enough to
consider buying one. How about you?
Quick SwitchWith a double-press on
the home button, Quick Switch allows
you to easily alternate between or
shut down running apps and tasks.
To learn how to use Quick Switch, go
to Switch Between and Close Recent
Apps .
App Grid Collections Create folders
of apps or content right on the app
grid. To learn how to use Collections,
go to Navigate Your Fire Phone .
Carousel Pinning Pin your favorite
apps to the front of the home
carousel. To learn how,… Continue reading on Digital Reader

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