Apple is doing the impossible with the New iPhone 12


Apple is rumoured to be making a bold move once again this year with their iPhone 12 lineup. Previously, they killed the headphone jack and introduced the notch first.

This move is now a trend nearly every other smartphone maker is following, including the big boys like Samsung. Now they are about to do something even crazier with their upcoming iPhone 12.

According to Kuo from 9TO5Mac, Apple is neither adding a charging brick nor earpods out of the box for the iPhone 12.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.The reason behind this insane decision is probably because Apple wants to go truly wireless next year with the iPhone 13, creating a phone without any ports. And it seems like they want to prepare their customers for this right now, this year. This is really shocking because nearly everyone expected a move like this next year, seeing that the iPhone 12 would still have a lightening port charging port.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.This is going to be a crazy unboxing experience. I can’t imagine opening a brand new phone’s box and not find an earpiece or a charger. It’s just unheard of. It’s also rumoured that since you would need a charger for the iPhone 12, you’d have to purchase one separately. I truly don’t see this move as sensible or any reason why they are taking up such move.

However, besides this annoying piece of information, the iPhone 12 line up is looking pretty good. Apple is supposedly working on 5 iPhone 12 models( four running 5G and one 4G model). Because of the extra models, the iPhone 12 line up is setting the stage to be Apple’s cheapest phone since 2012. The 4G model is said to start at $549 and the 5G models start at $649.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.This is pretty cheap for a phone that rocks the most powerful processor in any smartphone on Earth. On the downsides, the cheaper models would likely ship with an LCD screen and no 120Hz refresh rate, but we all know something would have to be sacrificed for such a low price.

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The iPhone 12 line up is looking pretty good. It’s only uncertain whether Apple would make this crazy move. Only time will tell; we would find out come August. In the meantime, remain safe.

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