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Apple Is Figuring Out How To Sell An Archetype


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Around the time of the iPhone 5’s release, I started thinking
of Apple as an archetype factory. By removing extraneous
detail and ornamentation, they were trimming down their
devices to a definitive essence.
They were making conscious decisions to spend money and
man hours to improve technology in invisible, rather than
visible, ways. But this decision is a double-edged sword. I
wrote this at the time , and I think it still holds up:
…when things become archetypes, they become
intrinsically less interesting to people who thrive on
dissonance and disruption. That’s why the iPhone 5 got
such a converse reaction from the tech press when it was
revealed. It’s an exercise in precision and restraint, not a
play for our wildest imaginations.
The iPad has undergone a similar transformation with the
iPad Air. Which raises an interesting question when it comes
to trying to market it.
When something has been refined to its purest form — how
do you convince people that you’re capable of improving it?
The iPad Air 2 is improved on a variety of metrics from the
original, some of those like screen lamination are readily
evident if you know what to look for…complete story on Tech Crunch.

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