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Armed Robbers Attack Bullion Van On River State University Of Science & Tech Campus



Some armed robbers on Friday attacked
a bullion van on RSUST campus which
was there to supply money to the UBA
bank situated there.
There are many conflicting
information about the robbery but it
is thought the boys were 5 in number
carrying very sophisticated weapons
engaged the mopol escorts in a gun
battle for over 30 minutes but
according to eye witnesses the bullets
were not penetrating the boys and
the mobile police men fled.
The incident which lasted over 30
minutes resulted in the boys carting
away all the money in the bullion
van and escaped through the school
back gate after shooting it open,
among those who lost their lives was
a final year student who was in
school to pay his graduation fee and
final year clearance, his pic can be
seen below, there is information the
boys further robbed another bank in
the mile 1 axis around the Rsust
campus area and we’re engaged by
police who shot their car tires but
were still able to escape by hijacking
an infinti jeep. it was a horrid day for
staff and students of RSUST.


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