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Armed thugs attack Ibadan community, kill three, burn houses


At least 200 shops were either burnt or
vandalised, with about 10 houses, a commercial
tricycle, two articulated vehicles and several
cars were destroyed when people suspected to
be political thugs unleashed mayhem in Ibadan
South-West council area on Sunday.
Eyewitnesses said at least three persons were
killed in the attack while an attempt was made
to burn a petrol station at Popoyemoja junction.
The affected areas are Born Photo, Isale Osi, Idi
Arere and Popoyemoja. Our correspondent who
visited the areas shortly after the attack
gathered that political thugs arrived at the area
around 9am and began to shoot sporadically,
burning houses, looting shops and destroying
vehicles. He also observed that residents fled
the area.
The mayhem continued for about two hours
before policemen arrived at the scene to
restore order, but not after the attackers had
achieved their objectives. Residents who spoke
to our correspondent linked the violence to the
attack that happened on Friday where a
policeman was short dead and another
seriously injured. The scene of Friday’s attack
was about four kilometres to Born Photo, where
Sunday’s attack began.
Mr. Okunola Asimiyu, whose house on SW9/263
was burnt and destroyed by the thugs said that
he was shocked and wondered why his house
was a target.
“I am not a politician. My father built this
house many decades and I inherited it. The
fight in Oke-Ado three days ago spiralled into
today’s attack on our community. I am a part
seller in Gate and I have no friends among the
politicians. I was locked in the building while
the thugs put fire into the house. I struggled to
put it off but it was beyond me so I escaped
into safety,” he said.
About five shops attached to the house were
also burnt and vandalised. Folake Oladipo, who
combines wholesale and retail sale of drinks in
one of the shops, said shops lost over N1m.
“I received a call this morning that my shop
was burning. I rushed here but I saw people
with guns shooting and burning houses. The
trouble started since Friday but today’s violence
was targeted at people, house and shops. They
burned my refrigerators, generators and looted
everything in the shop. I am devastated.”
Also destroyed was a viewing centre where the
owner, Adepoju Owolabi, and football fans
were lucky to have escaped. Beside the centre
is a phone repair shop, where the owner,
Raheem Olakunle, said the hoodlums carted
away many phones and laptop computers. At
Popoyemoja junction, BP petrol station was
vandalised and half-burnt. Police at the scene
said a bigger calamity would have enveloped
the area if the hoodlums were successful.

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