Artist manager narrates how a SARS officer assaulted him for refusing to greet him


Artist manager narrates how a SARS officer assaulted him for refusing to greet him (Photos)

Artist manager, Bisi who currently manages street pop act, Danny S has just shared a story of how he was assaulted by a SARS operative this morning for refusing to allow his artist greet the officer.

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See his story below….

It’s 3:45am in Lagos Nigeria ,I Was At An Event Few Minutes Ago To Show An Industry Colleague Love Having His Music Concert At YK GARDENS BARUWA IPAJA LAGOS, I Was About To Leave The Venue With My Artiste DANNY S When An Officer ( Who Was Not In Uniform But Was With An Ak47) (Picture Above) Suddenly Asked Me To Call My Artiste To Come Greet Him Which I Refused And I Told Him Bluntly “SORRY I CAN’T DO SUCH”

Which Is Not Proper For An Artiste Manager To Do Such ,He Got Angry Dragged Me Back And Cocked His Gun Then Said He Will Shoot Me,Immediately I Heard This I Got Scared And Kept Quiet But Before I Knew It I Was Punched On My Left Eye And Mouth

By This Time People Had Gather But He Was Still Insisting He Will Shoot Me For Disobeying Him And Saying He Was Gonna Shoot Me As The Got Worse And Escalating I Have To Drive Off For Safety And I Was Already Feeling Pains And Dizzy, I Managed To Drive Home. Since Then Till Now I Wondering What My Offence Was But Then I Remember I Have Been Seeing Series Of Videos Of Police Brutalities But Never Thought I Could Be A Victim Cos You Will Never See Me Make Trouble Or Argue With A Man With GUN!!!

Please Sir(s) / MA(s) Is This What The POLICE Is All About ? I Was Told Not To Put This Post Up Cos Same Police Might Come And Act Funny Tomorrow At My Own Scheduled Event Date For March 31st But I Replied Lets See What Happens

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