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As Ebola Ebbs in Africa, Focus Turns From Death to Life


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MONROVIA, Liberia — Life is edging
back to normal after the deadliest Ebola
outbreak in history.
At the height of the epidemic, Liberians
met horrific deaths inside the blue-
painted walls of the Nathaniel V.
Massaquoi Elementary School, as
classrooms became Ebola holding
centers and the education of a nation’s
children, shuttered in their homes for
safety, was abruptly suspended.
Now, parents are streaming into the
schoolyard once again, not to visit their
stricken loved ones, but with their
restless children in tow, to register for
the start of classes in a delayed and
shortened academic year.
Eager to learn and to play with her
friends again, Florence Page, 11,
bounded ahead, brimming with pent-up
energy, as her mother, Mabel Togba,
paused to look warily into the school
building through its padlocked metal
screen doors. Read more.

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