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Attracting and Keeping the Love of Your Life – Twelve Secrets of Relationship Bliss by Michael W. Hall



One of the most amazing and fun parts of
life is the number of languages that are spoken
around the world! Do you speak more than one
language? Which ones? Since I’ve lived
in different parts of the world, and learned
several languages, it’s been a highlight of my
life to speak to someone else in their own
language. You too, can learn another language
in a short amount of time with a little focus and
training. Today’s blog post is about a universal
language- the language of Love. We all speak
it, but just like a foreign language, most of us
are challenged by it. However, at LRI,
we’re focused like a laser beam on the
research and sharing of Love and Love
Communication begins with you and me.
Good or bad, it’s there. It reminds me of the
story about two men who were speaking to a
woman in the market place. One man says to
her, “Darling, when I see your face, time stands
still.” Later, the other man comes along and
says, “Honey, your face could stop a clock.”
Now, there is a BIG difference in the way those
two comments are made, and interpreted by
the woman! The second man obviously didn’t
say it as a compliment, although the statements
were similar.
So, how do your conversations go with
someone you either want to attract or keep in
Love? In the dating or courting stages of a
relationship, most people are on their best
behavior, and say or act in ways to keep it
moving in a positive direction. However, there
are exceptions. Ladies, have you ever been on
a date or chatting with a guy, and it all seems
to be about him? Or guys, have you ever been
with a lady and she just can’t stop talking about
herself, and all the things she’s done or wants
to do? Folks in this situation say to themselves
(and probably their friends), “they don’t need a
date, they need a mirror!”
According to the late, great master of
communication, Dale Carnegie (I worked for
Dale Carnegie Training for many years), “the
New York Telephone Company made a detailed
study of telephone conversations to find out
which word is the most frequently used. You
have guessed it: it is the personal pronoun “I.”
“I.” “I.” It was used 3,990 times in 500
telephone conversations. ”I.” “I.” “I.” “I.” “I.” –
from the landmark classic, “How to Win Friends
and Influence People”-page 58. Are you
surprised? Reflect on your conversations.
We can be different, starting now. In
balancing our conversations, especially our Love
conversations, let’s work on talking about the
other person more, and talking less about
ourselves. Here’s your assignment: Find 10
things to sincerely compliment others on each
day, and make 5 of those to the person you
Love. Now, they may pass out from shock, but
you can quickly revive them with a loving touch
and some ice cream. To help you keep track,
put 10 quarters in one pocket, and each time
you say something nice to another person,
move a quarter to another pocket, or
somewhere else. Do your best to avoid negative
conversations, (this won’t be easy), and
keep thinking of ways to make your
communication balanced and interesting. You’ll
feel better, and that special someone will Love
you for it. This approach will help you Attract
and Keep the Love of Your Life! More on this
topic later. Thanks for visiting my blog, and just
leave a comment about this post.
Be in Love,
Michael :- )

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