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“@BBCBreaking: President Obama condemns “horrific” #PeshawarAttack, says “we stand with the people of Pakistan”


This is Pakistan school attack updates:


Officials say more than 130 people, mostly children, have
been killed in a Taliban attack on an army-run school in
north-west Pakistan
Pakistan’s security forces say their operation has now
ended, with all of the attackers killed
Some pupils, who escaped, earlier said the gunmen went
from classroom to classroom, shooting children
The Taliban say the assault is in response to army
operations in North Waziristan and the Khyber area. All
times GMT

The live updates below:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon describes the attack
as “an act of horror and rank cowardice to attack
defenceless children while they learn”. He adds that “no
cause can justify such brutality and no grievance can
excuse such horror”.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemns the attack as a
“wild act”. He says killing innocent children is an
absolutely un-Islamic and inhuman act. The BBC’s Mike
Wooldridge says that both Afghanistan and Pakistan face
continual attacks by their respective Taliban movements,
and both have frequently accused each other of
supporting militant extremism.
Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid tells the BBC the
Taliban raid was “a revenge attack, as many children in
the school are sons and daughters of army officers”. Mr
Rashid adds it was also “an attempt to unify the Taliban,
who are currently divided”
Earlier in the day, Pakistani troops sealed off the area,
taking up positions around the school in Peshawar.

Mohammed Tayyab (@tayyabm76) in Islamabad tweets:
“This has shaken us.. badly shaken. Whoever i am talking
to, is in tears… We, as a nation must change our
“The carnage struck at the heart of Pakistan’s military –
one of the nation’s most highly respected institutions –
which is seen as the guardians of stability in a turbulent
region and an important bridge between Pakistan and
Western allies such as the United States,” the Washington
Post reports.
Shocked relatives have been waiting outside Peshawar’s
Lady Reading Hospital – desperate to hear about the fate
of their loved ones.
“This is the world’s loss,” Mr Kerry says. “This act of
terror angers and shakes all people of conscience, and
we condemn it in the strongest terms possible.”
Following on from President Obama, US Secretary of
State John Kerry describes the attack as “absolutely gut
wrenching… A house of learning turned into a house of
unspeakable horror”.
Pakistan’s MQM party leader Altaf Hussain is the latest
politician strongly to denounce the attack. “I call upon the
authorities to take all necessary action to bring the
perpetrators of the abhorrent attack to justice,” he says.

Mohammad Khurasani added: “These are the soldiers
who have thrown their bodies in sacks. We were forced
to make this decision, so that they should be hurt in their
homes. When you are wounded in your own home then
you realise. They burnt our homes and we were forced to
set their homes on fire.”
The Pakistani Taliban have attempted to justify the
attack. Taliban spokesman Mohammad Khurasani says it
was a response to anti-militant offensives in North
Waziristan and the Khyber region. “The children of our
tribes are our children. The women of our tribes are our
mothers and our sisters. Six hundred people have been
killed in just one year, innocent people who were killed,
their bodies mangled.”
‘Easy target’
The school in Peshawar was an “easy target for the
terrorists”, local resident Asfandy Yar tells the BBC Radio
5live. He says the attack was “very prepared”.
Across Pakistan, people have been mourning the victims
of the Peshawar school attack.
More from President Obama’s statement. It says: “Our
hearts and prayers go out to the victims, their families
and loved ones. By targeting students and teachers in
this heinous attack, terrorists have once again shown
their depravity.”
Home Department KPK
tweets : Police sweep grounds of #ArmyPublicSchool for
any possibility of explosives. Clearing operation in
aftermath of #PeshawarAttack in progress.
US President Barack Obama in a statement condemns
the “horrific” attack and reiterates his support for the
efforts of the Pakistani government “to combat terrorism
and extremism”.
Pakistan PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif
tweets: The biggest human tragedy Pakistan may have
ever seen. No words can suffice. Even as a mother it
haunts me to even try to relate. Allah Rehm
Shaimaa Khalil
BBC News, Peshawar
says it remains unclear whether the army operation is
over. She says parents are distraught and want to know
whether all the children have been evacuated from the
PM Nawaz Sharif reaches Peshawar
The Express Tribune reports that PM Nawaz Sharif has
now reached Peshawar and is being briefed on the
army’s operation.
Haroon Rashid, BBC Urdu
tweets : Pak Foreign Office says nation stands united in
condemning heinous crime/remains resolute to eliminate
terrorism from its soil
Dr Hamidullah, who works at Peshawar’s Lady Reading
Hospital, tells the BBC that a number of those being
treated have head and chest injuries.
Breaking News
The death toll has now been raised to 135, with 114
people injured – the Health Secretary of Khyber
Pakhtunkhaw province, Mustaq Jadoon, tells the APP
news agency.
Jill McGivering
BBC News
Children who escaped the attack describe seeing friends
shot dead in front of them, and the bodies of children
lying in classrooms and corridors, the BBC’s Jill
McGivering reports. Many say the gunmen chased
children down corridors and went from room to room,
opening fire at random.
Dr Asif Sohrab
on Facebook says: 2,3 funerals in every street of
Peshawar. In my street there are 3! Peshawar bleeds,
Pakistan cries. 

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