Buhari Coming Back Soon? Embassy Source Gives New Details of the President’s Health Status in UK


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President Muhammadu Buhari who left the country for London on May 7th to continue with his medical treatment, after he had earlier in March, spent 51 days in the British capital attending to his health, may be returning to Nigeria soon.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s health has improved significantly, although only his physicians can determine when he will return to Nigeria and to work, Premium Times exclusively reports.
“Oh yes; we thank God,” a source in the Nigeria High Commission in London, United Kingdom, told the newspaper when asked if the president’s health had improved substantially.
“He is doing very good; he is ok but his doctors will determine (when he will return).”
The official, who sees Buhari regularly, asked not to be named because he had no permission to discuss the president’s condition with journalists.
The embassy source expressed sadness that some Nigerians could wish the president dead, saying “(it is) sad that any human being will wish another dead.”
He continued, “It’s sad but God is all seeing and will always suffice and to Him we submit all our affairs. They have failed and will continue to fail.”
On the calls for Buhari’s resignation on the ground of poor health , the source said, “Well that’s their problem because it is God that gives power and takes it when He so wishes and not anybody else.”
When asked if the president’s health was now better than he left home, our source who sees Buhari regularly retorted, “Of course, yes”, adding that  the president is largely stable and is able to regularly and promptly observe his five-time daily prayers.
When told that those calling for Buhari’s resignation believed he was too sick to ever govern again, the source said, “That’s the view of those arrogating God’s power to themselves and would surely regret it, Insha Allah.”

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