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Buhari – Under APC Govt No One Will Go To Bed Hungry



The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship
candidate for Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, shared
the January 12 speech delivered by Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) at the Inauguration of
the APC Presidential Campaign Council.
First Buhari thanked the party for giving him a
chance to act as its presidential candidate in the
February elections.
“I would also like to express my gratitude to all of you
for the confidence you have decided to repose in me to
be the presidential flag bearer of our great party. I feel
honoured and thoroughly humbled.”
After having reinstated the major principles and
values of the APC, the former military Head of State
touched upon several serious issues, including
insurgency and inability of the acting to government
to tackle this problem.
See an extract of his speech below:
“We undertake to end the impunity of the ruling
People’s Democratic Party, PDP, a party that has
proved clueless in every material particular. It has
failed to address any of the important concerns of the
people of this country. It has filed to deal squarely with
the great security challenge that has faced this nation
within these last five years. And it has remained
touchy and impervious to all constructive criticism, and
without concern for human life and for the suffering
going on in the land.
As we campaigned, Boko Haram attacked Baga town
in Borno State, reportedly killing 2,000 people; but to
this clueless government, this toll is just a number, a
statistic that adds up to the litany that has gone before
it. And worst of all, this PDP government has split the
country along all known fault lines. It is time to send
them into deserved retirement; which, in the normal
cause of events, it will have done nothing to deserve.
On our part, we have solemnly promised this nation
that we are going to secure it against all threats,
manage its resources efficiently and with demonstrable
transparency, and then fix whatever is amiss in it.
Under an APC government, no one will go to bed
hungry, angry with the government or with the fear of
insurgents or nocturnal visitors. We shall secure the
government for the people and fix it. And, verily, we
shall deliver on every of our promises.”
The politician continued with officially
inaugurating the Campaign Council “under the
leadership of His Excellency Chief Rotimi Amaechi.
Buhari praised Amaechi characterizing him as a
committed “fighter”.
“Needless to add, Chief Amaechi is a fighter who has
never failed in any assignment, and every member of
the presidential campaign council has been chosen on
account of experience and expertise and proven track
With such a team and with the unprecedented
acceptance that the APC enjoys in all parts of the
country, the question is not whether the party will
defeat the PDP. The question is the nature of the
landslide with which the clueless party will be sent
packing. I promise you that the landslide will be
And with suggested terms of reference as your guide, I
urge you to put all your trust in God and the support of
the people; and victory is yours. May God guide and
bless the APC in its quest to rescue Nigeria. And to us,
it is a done deal.
Less than two years ago, APC was just a dream. It
became a promise. Then it became a reality; and,
today, it is a miracle — a miracle waiting to happen.
And it will happen.
I would like to thank all of you for your patience and
It is worth mentioning that the key strategy of the
APC’s campaign is linked with the “change” slogan.
It embodies the party’s desire to bring positive
development to the country and manage the
lingering challenges.


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