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LMAO! I Just jumped on this online and I decided to
share this with you beautiful fams.
No forming please…..
Which of these do you love most?
1) Garri, sugar & Groundnut
2) Garri, sugar & Kuli kuli
3) Garri, sugar & Eja-dindin
4) Garri, sugar & Milk
5) Garri, salt & sugar
6) Garri, peanut & sugar
7) Garri, sugar & biscuit
8) Garri, salt & Eja sawa
9) Garri & ponmo-alata
10) Garri,& sugar, robo elegusi or alata
11) Garri & moimoi/ewa
12) Garri & Groundnut
13) Garri & Water
14) Garri & Eran dinidin
15) Garri & Coconut
16) Garri & Groundnut without Sugar
Don’t form on pretend abeg…..just drop a comment.

Culled from: Nairaland

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