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Cloudware Technologies Ibadan Launches Ebola Detection & Prevention App


Ebola Virus Disease
(EVD) is a deadly
contagious Disease with
very high fatality rate,
and no licensed cure (as
at time of posting this),
in Africa the disease has
killed over 1841 people
out of the over 3685
“reported” cases. This
Disease has affected
Americans, British
Spaniards, Liberians,
Guineans, Sierra –
Leonean, Congolese,
Sudanese, Senegalese,
Nigerians e.t.c in this
current outbreak.

This Outbreak, dubbed as the
worst disease outbreak
in Human Modern
History, present a very
trying moment for West
Africa, Africa and The
world at large.
The great/consoling news
is that this deadly highly
contagious High fatality
rate disease can be
prevented easily.
ebolaprevention.org , The
Aim of this project is to
use Technology to assist
towards the containment
of this outbreak and
altogether help make
this outbreak a history.


To this effect we have
just developed a FREE
Android Mobile & Tablet
Application that can
detect if your current
location is affected by
Ebola Virus Disease, if
it is affected; the
application is specially
designed to help you
prevent Contracting
EVD even while you are
in the affected area .


We want to make this
technology available to
all For FREE, regardless
of the Language, Mobile
OS or Phone being used
(IOS, J2ME, Blackberry,
SMS, Feature phone) and
also work on other
innovative technology
driven approaches
towards combating this
deadly disease. The
development team is
working in conjunction
with International
medical experts, medical
practitioners, technology
experts and researchers,
from all over the world,
all volunteering toward
the cause.

EVD is a threat to
Human existence, and
together we can help
contain and make Ebola
Virus Disease 2013/2014
Outbreak a history. Your
SUPPORT towards this
project will help Save
lots of Lives.

The Project is an
initiative of Innovative
Development for
Development Foundation
(IT4D), a not for Profit
Organisation based in

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