Comedian I GO DYE Will Reward 5 Peace-loving Voters With $5,000

Ahead of the forthcoming general elections and a continuation of his quest for a better Nigeria popular stand up comedian, Francis Agoda, a.k.a I go Dye has promised to reward lucky Nigerians who are devoted to the peace and tranquility of the Nigerian society during and after the general elections.

Speaking on the much expected general elections in a chat with Vanguard Showtime Bonus, he said;

“You stand a chance of being among the five lucky winners of Francis Agoda Path of Honour Awards (FAPOH), of $5000 ($1,000 each). Let’s take a charge of our future by standing for peace at all times. We shouldn’t wait until we lose someone close to us before we become advocates of peace.” Adding that the beginning of progress in any society is the promotion of peace.

“The first step to guarantee progress in any nation is by promoting peace. All the nations of the world that have attained development were created by their citizens and peace was paramount. Consequently, I urge you to do a video footage of yourself and post, using the hashtag #Istandforpeace2019elections.

You stand a chance of being among the five lucky winners of FAPOH Awards (Francis Agoda Path Of Honour) Peace Prize with 1000 Dollars each if your video post has a very meaningful peace message to portray that we should stand for peace in the forthcoming general election.”

According to the humour merchant , if Nigerians can join forces, nothing can be compared to the sacrifice made for peace.

“Let’s come together as well meaning citizens of Nigeria,embracing this responsibility as a sacrifice of patriotism. Indeed ,it doesn’t matter who you are; either as an entertainer,sports personality,media professionals,just name it. There is nothing can be compare to the price of peace and keeping it,”, he said.

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I Go Dye’s burning passion for peace was ignited in 1997 when he was a victim of the Warri crisis between Ijaws and Itsekiris. He was shot and lost some of his close friends.

In 1998 he launched Peace in Sight Global Movement, to promote peace. Today he’s UN Global Goals Ambassador, World Habitat Ambassador, working to actualize the United Nations global goals. In 2017 he won the Africa Child prize, making him an African Child Ambassador. In 2018 he became UKaids/YAF goodwill Ambassador on Making A Difference Against Corruption Today (MADACT).

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