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Cynthia Morgan: ‘My Friends Told Me I Would Fail As An Artiste’


If a group of people are asked to name the undisputed
queen of Nigerian ragga/dancehall, the name “ Cynthia
Morgan ” will surely come up many times. The
energetic singer with her trademark red hair has
become a reference point for the Nigerian Dancehall
However, she has not always had it this good and in
fact her rise from obscurity to fame has not been
easy or straightforward at all.


She recently sat down to reveal her life story during a
#MySuperStarStory interview. The Edo State-born
entertainer revealed that she did not watch TV until
she was about ten years old due to her conservative
Jehovah Witness background.
After recording her first 6-track demo album at the
age of 16, despite people recognizing her talent, she
was often discouraged by her friends who mocked
her dream of making it as a singer in Lagos and told
her that she would return to Benin in no time.
Today, she says, those friends are her biggest fans.
Giving thanks to God for how far she has come,
Cynthia Morgan also noted that throughout her
journey, despite obstacles such as discrimination and
discouragement, she was sustained by her faith in
God and her faith in herself, which made her thick

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