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Love Island star Katie Salmon has revealed she faced abuse from the LGBT community following her bisexual romance with Sophie Gradon.

Speaking on Monday’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, the 22-year-old admitted she was the subject of much fan of much uproar after her relationship with Sophie, who was tragically found dead in June aged just 32.

Katie explained that men seem to misinterpret her sexuality as being ‘a woman who likes having threesomes,’ and went onto admit she doesn’t understand why she is made to feel ‘ashamed’ about being bisexual.

Tough time: Love Island star Katie Salmon has revealed she faced abuse from the LGBT community following her bisexual romance with Sophie Gradon

She said: ‘In the villa I was so scared because I didn’t know what the outside world was thinking, what my family was thinking, what my friends were thinking, so I was really upset to be honest that they’d not supported me from my own community, who had probably felt those feelings, those nervous feelings of coming out.’

‘Why can’t I be who I want to be? There’s nothing to be ashamed of, there’s nothing to feel bad about.

‘You’re completely normal, and there’s so many people out there like you, just as long as you love you that’s all that matters.’

Katie then went onto admit she faced much criticism from the LGBT community for her relationship with Sophie, as many struggled to grasp the romantic level of her feelings for people of the same and opposite sex.

Emotional: Katie revealed she faced much criticism for her bisexual fling with Sophie, who was found dead in June aged just 32

She explained: ‘They see it as a sexual thing. They think it’s entertainment for them. They’ll be like, ”Oh, you like women as well, you like threesomes.”’

Fans will remember that Katie entered the villa in 2016 where she proceeded to spark up a romance with Sophie – with the pair becoming the first (and so far only) same sex pairing in the show’s history.

But their fling was short-lived as Sophie proceeded to quit the villa to follow her relationship with Tom Powell.

Furious at the betrayal Katie eventually coupled up with Adam M, and despite finishing in fourth place the pair split soon after their exit.

Sweet: Katie sparked up a romance with Sophie soon after her arrival in the villa, with the pair becoming the first (and so far only) couple to share a same-sex coupling

Sophie was tragically found dead aged 32 at her parents’ home in Newcastle back in June, with friends since revealing the star took her own life after battling depression and anxiety, in the wake of financial woes.

Katie shared a lengthy message with her fans after hearing the news, in which she referenced the pressures of social media and the importance of mental health awareness.

Releasing a statement to her followers, Katie wrote: ‘Isn’t it crazy how someone so stunning, so smiley and appeared so happy can feel no way out.

‘The world we live in behind social media. I urge everyone to be kind to every person they meet and speak with social media and in person a simple smile a simple nice comment can really make a difference, you really don’t know the battles they go through every single day.

‘The world has failed you beautiful. I’m heartbroken for you soph to have felt this pain. I wish there was more help out there. Your smile will be remembered forever. My thoughts are with your family friends and love ones at this horrendous time.

‘To young, to sweet. To kind. Am sending all my love I truly am to everyone who had the pleasure of ever being in her company! X’

RIP: Katie paid tribute to Sophie in June after it was revealed that she had been found dead at the age of 32, with friends confirming she had taken her own life after battling depression

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