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DANCE/STUNT ALERT!!! Dipp Dances In The Sky In New Music Video



The question fans have been asking since the energetic dancer and soulful singer, Dipp released his 2015 debut single, ‘Play Love’ is; “is Dipp still going to give us dance music videos?”This is obviously a YES to the question!


Dipp who has been tagged Usher look-alike is ready to hit the industry yet again with brand new dance music video that is full of energetic moves and creative stunts.

Speaking on the music video, the Phoenix Records act said; “this new video for me, it is a dance dance thing. My fans have asked for it and I’m ready to give it to them.”


While Dipp is still busy working on more singles, he revealed the video was shot at a desert in South-Africa. However, the talented singer didn’t reveal the title of his new video, instead, he said; “these behind the scene pictures are to whet the appetite of my fans.”

“I have been absent from the industry for a while before the release of my latest single, ‘Play Love’ which has been giving


me joy with the positive responses I have been getting. There are more materials to be released and more works are being done, no break anymore,Dippis back” he added.

Below are the behind the scene pictures from Dipp’s new flick. Anticipate the music video which would be dropping soon.

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