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D’Banj: Singer Says Paid Bloggers Are Out To Ruin Him


We’ve read stories of D’Banj being in debt and
reportedly arrested online.
DB Records CEO and Entertainer, D’Banj has
rubbished all the reports saying he’s not in debt and
was not arrested.


According to Nigerian Tribune; On-line news making the
rounds that D’Banj has been arrested on the orders of a
court in Lagos for not appearing before it on Wednesday
over a case allegedly filed against him by an undisclosed
person he purportedly owed a huge amount of money has
been denied by his manager.
Speaking exclusively to R on Friday morning, Danku,
together with one of the publicists of the “Feeling The
Nigga” rave, Tee J, denied the arrest, saying that D’Banj
does not have any court case,, neither does he owe
anyone as being spread by a section of the media from a
particular region of the country.

He said it was now obvious that the set of journalists
who were bent on dragging his artiste’s name in the mud
have been hired by some of D’Banj’s business partners to
create a diversion from their culpability  in ruining
D’Banj’s caller tune business and desperately want to
stop the musician from going public with the details of
the failed business.
“As I speak to you, D’Banj is not in Nigeria. He left for
Washington DC, United States, on Wednesday for a show
organised by the World Bank. It has come to our notice
that such ugly stories are only published when D’Banj is
not in Nigeria. He travelled on Wednesday and this arrest
story went viral on Thursday. That has been the trend.
We know those who plant these stories. They are close
to D’Banj. But the truth is that D’Banj has gone into a
business deal with some people who eventually ruined his
business. When he decided to arrest these guys, they
resorted to using some compromised bloggers and print
media men to attack  him. Professionally, these guys
should have sought D’Banj’s views, but they didn’t do

“I am happy that a reputable media house, Tribune, has
done what is right. A section of the media is out to
scandalise D’Banj. This has been going on for a long
time, but D’Banj will not be distracted with the cooked-up
stories of these compromised people. My artiste does not
owe anybody and neither was he arrested by policemen
as reported months ago.

“The picture of his arrest that was posted months ago is
actually the picture of D’Banj with his paid-for officers. It
was used to create the impression that they were
arresting D’Banj, while, in actual fact, it was one of the
many pictures that D’Banj had taken with lots of people.
The officers are D’Bnaj’s men, period.
“Rather than come to apologise to the guy for ruining his
company, these losers are running all over the media
houses spreading false stories about D’Banj so that he
won’t have time to prosecute them for ruining his
business”, Danku said.
Danku, Kay Switch and Jimmy are going to join D’Banj in
US after the election.

-Nigerian Tribune

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