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My first encounter with poetry was in SS 1. I had just found myself sitting in a small office with a poetry book, facing the principal, Mr. Adebayo. He would later serve as a potent link between my undiscovered passion for poetry and the world after school. However, we used to call him Baba Adebayo.

   Baba Adebayo would gather us in his office to discuss poetry. He would introduce us to the figures of speech, how they were used in different poems, and the ways of using these figures in writing a poem that is not only poetic but readable, understandable and commendable to the readers. We would talk about the use of ‘imageries’ – of ‘rain’, ‘wind’, ‘pregnant clouds’, ‘tattered flags’ and ‘dangling breasts’ in the African Thunderstorm by David Rubadiri. This, not only triggered our emotion, but also sustained the passion we had for poetry. The discussion would stretch itself to more than an hour. Another poem that also seems to be unforgettable is To Taxi Driver on His Death by Timothy Wangusa. We would later discover through Baba, the ephemeral nature of life and the inevitable but unfortunate prophecy of the taxi driver over his demise on the road – especially with the use of ‘metallic monster’ as a vehicle…read more on www.bukrepublik.com

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