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Diatomaceous Earth For Organic Pest Control


diatomaceous earth organic pest control that works

Spring has finally arrived.  time to get outside and do some spring cleaning and a few chores. Spring around here brings bugs.  I mean crawling yucky bugs like ants and other unwelcome critters. No worries though, I use diatomaceous earth for organic pest control.

We don’t use harmful chemicals indoors or outside.  Why?

Just a few minutes ago my son called out.. Hey Mom, the dolphins are here!  Standing at the back door, He said “Do you hear them breathe?”   Four of them were swimming a few yards from our dock.  It looked like two adults and two babies.  And yes, we really can hear them breathe.

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That’s why.

But…it’s ok.  I use diatomaceous earth for organic pest control.  It doesn’t harm the water, our pets or us.  It’s not expensive and it’s easy to find.

diatomaceous earth for organic pest control

What exactly is this stuff?  diatomaceous Earth also known as “DE”  is made of tiny fossilized aquatic animals called diatoms.  It’s microscopic skeletons which are made of silica.  It’s also found in toothpaste, rubber, water filters and paints to name a few of the other uses for DE.  It’s not a poison. It kills the insects by drying out the oils and fats in its exoskeleton.  I’ve also read that it nicks the exoskeleton because the microscopic edges are very sharp.  Either way, it means no more creepy bugs.

diatomacous earth powder organic insect killer

How do you use diatomaceous earth for organic pest control?   We wear gloves because it’s an irritant and use a spoon to sprinkle it over the ant mounds or anywhere bugs crawl.  My experience is that it takes a few days to get results.  The package says it works in 24 hours.  It probably does and we simply have a lot of ants!

Using Diatomaceous earth for organic pest control has worked well for us, saves money and is a terrific alternative to harmful chemicals.  Where can you find it? DE is in the garden section of your local home improvement store.  Only use Diatomaceous earth made for gardens in the garden.  Other types such as pool DE may have added chemicals that could be harmful.

Living on the water has helped our family be aware of the importance of being green.  We aren’t hardcore, we just try to do simple things that are good for the environment.  I thought this was a fitting post for Earth Day and love to share our green discoveries.


I use a natural weed killer recipe that kills most weeds in a day.  It’s crazy inexpensive.  You can find that HERE.

Do you use diatomaceous earth for natural pest control?

_Wendi Wachtel.

This post was originally Published on her blog, H20Bungalow.com

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