I drove myself to my destination because my cab driver jumped out to fight with a Keke Marwa


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In this episode of Twitter Stories, we share with you this hilarious thread by@aadetugbowho says his cab driver left the car to fight in a road rage and he had to drive himself to his destination in the man’s car…lol

So@Taxify_ngI just drove myself to my destination because your driver jumped out to fight with a Keke Marwa & disappeared…

So the driver shows up, bloodied but alive. He fell off the marwa was injured and they both ended up at the LGA.

He is lucky to be alive

Through a friend who saw them at the LGA, I was able to speak with the driver, to tell him where to pick up his car, his shoes, watch, phone

Man, the driver lost it because he could not afford to fix the damage I guess.

Yes oh. It was when the Marwa drove off that he lost it. Then after the first few punches when the Marwa fled. Note the Marwa had passengers

so some guys in a Marwa had an even more unnerving experience.

Upclose and personal!

We’re very sorry to hear this Adewale! Please DM the trip details and we would action right away.

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