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EDUCATION: Secondary School Where Reptiles Learn With Students In Ibadan



Penultimate week, it was a long, big snake that
was killed inside the school premises by the
students. A week after, the students were seen
writing their promotional examinations on bare
floor. SEYI SOKOYA, who witnessed the two
unpleasant scenarios among others, at the
Urban Day Grammar School, Ibadan, Oyo State,
THE name of the school is Urban Day Grammar
School, but what was witnessed in the last two
weeks were far from being urban in nature.
Infact, situations in rural areas are far better
that what was witnessed.
Findings by the Sunday Tribune indicated that
killing of reptiles in the school is a weekly affair.
Some residents in the area stated that what was
news in the school is when a week passed
without sighting snakes or other dangerous
reptiles in the school premises, that unusual
romance with reptiles is the norm in the school.
The academic environment, no doubt, is in a
sorry state, just as the pupils had been
subjected to environmental hazards, threat to
life all in the quest to get quality education.
At Urban Day Grammar School, there is no
fence, no gate and no good structures. The roof
of the principal’s office is a big drain. The multi-
purpose hall in the compound is surrounded by
bush. Ditto the toilet. There is an abandoned
red block of six classrooms said to have been
built by the late Chief Bola Ige’s administration.
The library, the Home Economics laboratory and
all other classrooms were all begging for
It was observed that virtually all the classrooms
that are habitable in the school have no chairs
and desks. This, perhaps, informed the decision
of the students to find an alternative since their
promotional examinations were on.
The students, mostly Senior Secondary School
(SSS 1 and 11), were seen writing their
examinations on bare floor. It was learnt that
that was not the first time such would happen
in the school, as some of the students told the
Sunday Tribune that “this is not our first time.
We are used to it. What matters most to us is to
pass the examinations.’’
Sunday Tribune’s effort to interact with the
principal or any other staff of the school did not
yield any result, as they refused to speak or give
necessary information, especially on the present
state of the school. When approached, the
school principal who even refused to mention
her name, said: “It would be better if you speak
with my employer. I have nothing to say except
I have an approval from above.”
Most of the students who spoke with the Sunday
Tribune could not give any reason why they
should write their examinations on bare floor.
All they could say was “we don’t have enough
chairs in the school and we have to write our
It was also learnt that the school had initial
population of 300 registered students both at
the junior and senior secondary school levels,
but had been reduced to 200 students as a
result of unbearable condition of the school,
which, it was learnt, that forced many parents
to withdraw their children.
This, it was said, could be one of the reasons
the school has only six pupils in the JSS1 class.
The chairman of the Parents Teachers
Association (PTA) of the school, Mr Mukaila
Osuolale Adepoju, lamented the present state of
the school, stressing that the school authorities,
in collaboration with the PTA, had, at various
times, complained to the authorities about the
poor condition of the school without getting any
“This school was worse before I became the
chairman of the PTA. We had lodged complaints
about the situation of the school to the
government. I was aware that the principal
further wrote a letter attached with pictures of
the school to the commissioner for education.
They promised to come and inspect and they did
not show up. This was about two years ago. We
also wrote another letter last week on the same
subject matter but we are yet to have their
response,” he added.
Adepoju stated further that the school needed
to be attended to in time so as to ameliorate
the sufferings that the students are being
subjected to on a daily basis. “Some students
had fallen victim of molest on their way home.
The school authorities have lost count of snakes
they have been killed within the school
“We even had a molest case at the police
station. The science laboratory has been burgled
three times. Aside the fact that we have been
calling on the government for assistance we, as
parents, have done our bit by rebuilding the
damaged science laboratory and replacing the
library roof. The only two classrooms that the
whole students are currently using were
donated by the past government.”
“It is unfortunate that the 40 chairs and tables
donated by ZARTECH Company after we sought
their assistance have been damaged by
hoodlums. This has really caused setback for the
smooth academic activities of the school and
convenience of the students,” he explained.


A resident of the area, who pleaded anonymity,
told Sunday Tribune that the pupils, by virtue of
their present condition could be exposed to
more serious heath problem.
Another resident, who spoke in the same light,
expressed the fears that students who are
exposed to this type of danger are likely to face
severe consequences later in life.
An octogenerean whose house is close to the
school maintained: “I see no reason why this
school has not received the attention of the
government in spite of the fact that the school is
very close to Adeoyo Hospital and the Access to
Basic Medical Care Foundation (ABMCF) a non-
governmental organisation (NGO) powered by
the wife of the state governor.”

Sources: TribuneNairaland!

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