FEARY-FUN, a Poem dedicated to lives lost in the explosion of Abule-Ado…


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(… too many lives gone_)

I fear not the fiery furnace.
I fear not the heat that sticks to eat skins.

I fear…

The re-incarnation of the fresh blooded flesh bodies burnt and baked,
i fear.

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Caged in boxes, locked without keys never to be freed.

They rest, mother of light.
Not in peace but in piece.
Milled like meals sliced.
Splitted by raging fire-storm as strikes.
Spills of skins softened by steams of heats steals their souls.

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And now, no more.

I fear.
Life will be life, you said mother.
But this life we route will be no more in hearts.
For blood paints our walls and we snap to post our falls.
We instaface to book the in-tricks and tweet our faults.
Is it our fault?
We mail to mock our mates in muds for we know not where to turn.

Mother of light,
daughters and sons falters in fright finding freedom
But getting murdered as plants, never to be trees.

I fear seconds to come.
As time-ticks, am tucked in to think that life is thorn.
Pricks and stings in feary fiery fun we were formed?
This furnace is our fun?

Take your light mother
But make my sight bright in the dark,
i will walk slow.
But at least, i will walk in true peace.

I fear
We may see no more.
– Abiodun AKINSIKU

(Dedicated to lives lost in the explosion of Abule-Ado, Festac: Lagos, 15/3/20)

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