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FG has failed to defend Nigerians -Yinubu



A former Governor of Lagos State and national leader of the
All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Friday
berated the Federal Government for what he described as
failure of leadership to defend the country in trying times.
The APC national leader made the call in Benin, Edo State,
where he inaugurated the six-lane New Lagos Road and the
General Hospital, Ewhohimi, in Esan South East Local
Government Area of the state.
Tinubu argued that insecurity and the lack of services in the
country were caused by the failure of the Federal
Government to meet the aspirations of Nigerians.
He described the statement credited to President Goodluck
Jonathan, that his administration was being sabotaged, as
an admission of failure by the present administration.
Tinubu added, “A nation fails because of the leadership
failures. If there is a good leader at the top, the nation will
not fail because fish starts to rot from the head.
“No excuse for failure. Mr. President, we chose you to
defend this country. Quit; resign, you can’t do it. Enough of
Tinubu, however, urged the youths to use their rights to
vote to create a bloodless “commonsense revolution” in
order to bring about the change they desired.
The former Lagos governor commended the governor for
not relenting in his efforts to develop the state, saying he
stood out during his days as a labour leader, where he stood
for true democracy.
“Men and women like you must offer themselves to lead
this country because you have demonstrated that in
performance in Edo. You have demonstrated courage,” he
Governor Adams Oshiomhole explained that his
administration was able to reposition the state’s
infrastructure through the judicious application of revenue
and less dependence on federal allocation.
He noted that his administration had taken a cue from the
management of revenue in Lagos by blocking leakages in
revenue, which enabled the state government to save about
N5bn in the cost of governance.
“We have broken a couple of eggs in this state. Now, we
have been able to deliver so much omelet in roads, in
schools, in furniture, in rural electrification, hospitals,
“This road, people may have forgotten, was a place that no
one dared to pass in the afternoon because, with the
market, you can’t drive pass this road; narrow road but very
busy,” he stated.

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