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First Drake and Chris Brown performance gets cancelled



Chris Brown & his former rival Drake were
supposed to perform together for the first time
at Drake’s OVO Music Festival in Toronto,
Canada tomorrow August 4th but it got shut
down because of Chris’ felony record.

TMZ reports:
Chris Brown and Drake planned to unveil
their new song Monday in Toronto, but
the plan was scrapped because Chris can’t
get in to the country… TMZ has learned.
We’re told Drake invited Chris to join him
Monday night on stage at his OVO Fest.
We’re told Chris agreed and the plan was
for them to perform the song on which
they collaborated last month.
The performance would have been big for
2 reasons — it’s the first time they
performed together, and we’re told there
are veiled references to Rihanna in the
song. Continue…

Now the snag. We’re told Chris’ people pulled
the plug, because they realized Chris could
never get passage into Canada. The country
has close to a zero tolerance policy when it
comes to letting criminals in … and Chris has
not only been convicted of a crime … he’s
copped to a violent felony.
We’re told his people broke the news to
Chris … any attempt to make the concert
would be futile.


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